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The Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions Occupational Therapy department offers a Christian, Adventist education and a variety of
Occupational Therapy program options. Program Timeline for Doctor in Occupational Therapy Program

OTD Timeline & Research

AHCJ 605 Critical Analysis - 3 units
OCTH 601 Spirit of Diverse Abilities I - 3 units
OCTH 602 Spirit of Diverse Abilities II - 3 units
RELR 535 Spirituality and Mental Health - 3 units
OCTH 600 Occupational Science - 3 units
OCTH 604 Health, Society & Participation- 2 units
HPRO 509 Health Behavior Change - 3 units
OCTH 621  Professional Rotation Planning - 2 units
OCTH 611 Research I: Writing 7 IRB 4 units
OCTH 622 Professional Rotation  Proposal- 1 unit
OCTH 623 Professional Rotation I - 4 units
OCTH 614 Research II - 5 units
OCTH 625 Professional Rotation III - 4 units
RELR 524 Christian Bioethics - 3 units
OCTH 606 Leadership in Occupational Therapy - 3 units
OCTH 605 Education in Occupational Therapy- 3 units
RELT 563  Healthcare, Humanity, and God - 3 units
OCTH 627 Professional Publication & Dissemination: - 5 units
                                                                                Total 58 Units

Research Requirements

Each student will complete an independent research project including, obtaining IRB approval, implementing the project, and submitting the results for publication prior to completion of the program.

Students will be introduced to Research in the summer quarter. The pre-intensive coursework for the summer research intensive involve a review of the elements of a research proposal, APA style, IRB training, and reflective discussion of research interests and experiences via Blackboard discussions. After the on-site intensive, students will continue to appropriately modify their project  and submit to the IRB.

In Research II, students will begin their data collection. This will be the focus of this course. Students will be expected to participate in weekly discussion modules on their progress and obstacles that they have identified during data collection. In addition, students will begin to identify a journal that is appropriate for submission of their final manuscript.