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What is CAPS?

CAPS stands for Community-Academic Partners in Service. We are the office for community service, volunteerism and service-learning at Loma Linda University. Essentially, we focus on creating incredible experiences for our community, reducing health disparities in San Bernardino, and promoting a culture of service at our university!

Where is CAPS located?

We are located in the Councilors Student Pavilion (often called the student lounge or cafeteria). Our office is right next to the Student Activities office. The address is 24945 Mound St, Room 1402, Loma Linda, CA 92354.

What is the relationship between CAPS and Students for International Missions Service (SIMS)?

Loma Linda University(LLU) has a long legacy of providing health care and volunteer services around the world. Students for International Missions Service (SIMS) focuses on connecting LLU students, faculty and staff to international missions opportunities, whereas CAPS focuses on service opportunities in the local context. Our offices are partnering to promote service, regardless of location. Look for LLUSERVE: Live to Give events and get involved!.

What is the relationship between CAPS and Healthy Neighborhoods Projects (HNP)?

CAPS is one of the current sponsors of Healthy Neighborhood Projects (HNP). HNP is a LLU student-led approach to addressing the educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of San Bernardino and has grown over the past 14 years to encompass eight programs. These programs include tutoring, mentoring, music lessons, parent education, student-led health clinic and a youth ministry at SACHS Norton: La Escuelita, as well as mentoring pregnant teens and at-risk youth at local high schools. These programs originated from Students for International Missions Service (SIMS) and the School of Medicine, who have since then opened the invitation to all LLU schools to participate in making a positive impact in the local community. Two of the HNP programs (KidsROCK! and CPC) are now officially housed under CAPS. To find out more about these programs and get involved check out our volunteer page.

What is the relationship between CAPS and the Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP)?

LLU has recently established the Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP), which is committed to bridging LLU and LLU Medical Center with the local community to strengthen partnerships, build capacity, and improve health outcomes. CAPS represents the student/faculty arm of ICP, providing the linkage to volunteer and service-learning opportunities.

What is the relationship between CAPS and Student Activities/LLUSA?

CAPS is located next door to Student Activities and has received generous support from Student Activities in providing services. Together, along with the Chaplains office, CAPS and Student Activities sponsor the LLU Student Association (LLUSA), which is also working to promote the LLUSERVE: Live to give Service as a continuum Campaign this year.

Do you have a newsletter? How can I submit an announcement in your CAPS newsletter, FYI, or Today?

Yes, we send out a quarterly e-newsletter, called the FYI through the Office Of Community Partnerships and Diversity, with upcoming events and spotlights. To sign up for our newsletter, Click here.

Are there child-friendly or family-friendly volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we encourage LLU students, faculty, and staff to bring their children to service programs such as tutoring, Goal 4 Health, as well as to volunteer together in a program like Kids ROCK.

How can I get my church/youth group involved in a service opportunity?

Connect with our Kids ROCK! coordinator to see you your youth group can sign up to lead a Saturday afternoon youth ministry.

I have items to donate - what are my options?

We recommend you call our office at (909) 651-5011 first. If it is not something we can use, you can take the item(s) to Re:Live Thrift store on Anderson and Redlands Blvd. in Loma Linda, CA.

What is the relationship between CAPS and SACHS Norton Clinic?

SACHS Norton, formerly an affiliate of LLU and recently a Federally Qualified Health Clinic, has graciously lent HNP a trailer to run programs for their clients in the surrounding area called the Norton Neighborhoods. Three years ago CAPS was created and has worked with SACHS to establish the trailer as La Escueltia, a name given by the community to it many years ago, and supports as the liaison between HNP and SACHS.

Where is SACHS Norton: La Escuelita?

The address is: 1455 E. Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92508.

Do I have to fill out a registration form for my kids?

Yes. The form can be filled out in person at our site.

Do your programs cost anything?

Most of our programs are offered at no cost, with the exception of Goal 4 Health. There is also a possible deposit in our CKC Music program for some musical instruments. This deposit is returned at the end of the program year when the child returns the loaned instrument(s).

Can I invite family or friends to participate?

Yes! We encourage you to spread the word and come check out our programs.

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