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Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS) was founded in 2005 out of a commitment from our president, Dr. Hart, MD, and various dedicated faculty, such as Drs. Pollard and Belliard. Their goal was to enhance linkage and reciprocity between Loma Linda University (LLU) and the local surrounding community, which truly represents Loma Linda University’s dedication “to make man whole.” 

We have grown tremendously and have many exciting opportunities for you to get involved.  Currently, we are building on current local youth and family ministries to include community health initiatives, such as Goal 4 Health Soccer League, the LLUSERVE landing page and new website - a one-stop-shop for LLU students and community to access volunteer and service-learning opportunities locally, and the expansion of the Minority Youth Health Professions Pipeline program to include a new partnership with Sherman Indian High School. 

As the sponsor of the Healthy Neighborhood Projects, LLU Student Association’s Community Service Group, and Goal 4 Health Soccer League, we were able to involve over 350 LLU students in year-long activities once again, as well as over 500 in short-term projects/events.  We counted over 600 youth and parents in the year long programs, as well as approximately another 300 who were served in short term program/events such as our Christmas Fiesta, Alternative Spring Break, and HNP Carnival.

As an office, we have grown our capacity to include 9 student workers, have raised over $20,000 through sponsorships and donations, are developing a year-long “My Campus” Minority Youth Health Professions Pipeline program, and implementing a joint service campaign called LLUSERVE: Live to Give on campus in partnership with Students for International Missions Service (SIMS), LLUSA, Re:LIVE, Chaplains, and Student Activities. Last of all, we continue to strive to promote both local missions and community engaged scholarship in such a way that LLU and the Inland Empire catch the vision to live to give.

Annual Reporting

The CAPS and SIMS offices have come together to begin producing joint annual reports showcasing our volunteer efforts. Below is our first joint report for the 2012-2013 school year!

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Connecting your passion and academics into action, in partnership with our local community.