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Healthy Neighborhood Projects (La Escuelita)

The Healthy Neighborhoods Projects (HNP) are a student-run initiative, composed of 8 different programs that aim to address the health, educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of San Bernardino.  We invite you to check out our programs and apply now if you think it would be a good fit for you and/or your family.  All programs at La Escuelita are offered at no cost, but registration is mandatory. All school based programs require youth’s participation in specific schools. 

The Healthy Neighborhoods Project consists of:

  • School-Based Programs: LLU student-led mentoring programs in San Bernardino High Schools:
    • Project HOPE: Expectant teen parents in three CAL-Safe programs are paired up with LLU student mentors and participate in health and parent education, crafts and interactive activities weekly, Fridays 1:15pm-2:30pm.
    • Project Special Ops: 5th & 6th grade boys, identified as “at-risk” by San Bernardino school principals, are paired up with LLU Student mentor for sports, outdoor activities, and creative projects weekly, Fridays 1:15pm-2:30pm.
    • Students Teaching AIDS to Students (STATS): LLU students give presentations at San Bernardino county high schools to high school age youth, raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and safer sex practices.

  • Community-Based Programs (La Escuelita): LLU Student-led free community programs on site at SACHS Norton Clinic: La Escuelita Building at 1455 Third Street, San Bernardino, CA, 92508
    • Community Kids Connection (CKC)  Tutoring & Mentoring: Youth ages 5-18 are paired up with an LLU student weekly Tuesdays or Thursdays 5pm-6:30pm (Loma Linda Spanish Church Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm).
    • Community Kids Connection (CKC) Music: Youth ages 5-18 receive group violin, cello and piano lessons, and are paired up with a LLU student mentor as well weekly, Wednesday s 4:30pm-6pm.
    • Community Parent Connection (CPC): Programming for Parents of CKC youth and community adults.  This includes ESL, nutrition, computer literacy, general and behavioral health classes.  Parents are also invited to join our monthly community meetings (always first Wednesday of month 5-6pm on site)
    • Kids ROCK (Reaching Out in Christ to Kids): A weekly youth ministry that involves songs, games, crafts, bible lessons, and sports run by LLU students, and various community church groups for youth ages 5-18, Saturdays 2pm-4pm.
    • Student Evening Clinic:  This evening clinic runs twice a month on first and third Thursday from 5:30-8:30 pm.  You must have had at least one client day visit to SACHS to be eligible to be seen.  This supports cash paying patients and medical/cash pediatric patients.  The clinic is staffed by all first through fourth year medical students at SACHS.

La Escuelita Advisory Board: We are very grateful to our newly established Advisory Board comprised of community partners, including four parent representatives, SACHS Norton Clinic, LLU faculty and students.

Connecting your passion and academics into action, in partnership with our local community.