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Goal 4 Health (G4H) Youth Soccer League

Get in the game! G4H is a Christian community youth soccer league for kids ages 4-14 from the San Bernardino area. The league is committed to promoting health, building community and growing families, and supports health by providing an opportunity for families to exercise and have fun. The soccer league runs from the end of March through early June, with practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and games on Sundays. We have activities for kids and parents; children participalte in weekly soccer practice and games while parents/relatives attend Healthy Living Activities.

Healthy Living Activities are health workshops that give all memebers of the family the chance to learn about health and nutrition and get some exercise as well. While kids practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings, parents are encouraged to attend Healthy Living Activites where they will learn about health, nutrition, and participate in physical activities. Topics for healthy living activities vary each season and have featured: nutrition classes, walking challenges, yoga classes, and stress management. This year's Healthy Living Activities theme is the ABC's of Healthy Living.

Want to see Goal 4 Health in action? Check out our video below.

Regular league dates:

Practices are on Tuesdays/Thursdays and games are on Sunday mornings. Dates TBD for the 2014 season.

Want to Volunteer?

Whether you would like to volunteer for fun or get internship, service, or practicum hours for your program, we would love your help! Your contribution is essential and will truly make a difference in the lives of the kids and families you’ll be working with.

Volunteer Positions Available:

1. Coaches and Assistant Coaches:  This is a great opportunity to mentor kids and engage with families in the community. Commitment is a must, as there are games every Sunday morning and practice on Tuesday and/or Thursday each week (days and times depend on coach’s availability). Coach orientation and additional preparation time may be necessary. Coaches are invited to participate in one or both of the skills scrimmages, where the children’s skill levels will be assessed.  


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2. Skills Scrimmage Team: Skills Scrimmage assessment (to assess kids’ skill levels and create fair teams) will take place one week before the season begins on March 11 from 10 am-12pm.

3. Refs: Help keep the games fair and safe. Volunteers can ref once or as often as they would like. Games will be held every Sunday morning.

4. Set-up and Registration Crew: Ensure goals and fields are set up in an organized and timely fashion. Assist in signing in players and families and inform them of the day’s activities.

5. Health Team: Help run health activities and booths. You may help once, or as often as you like! Activities include a walking challenge, body weight assessments, stretching, nutrition, and more.

6. Kids Corner Team: During games, encourage physical activity and help run fun, health promoting activities for the kids. You may help once, or as often as you would like.

7. Soccer Camp Team: A 3 day camp during spring break where players participate in skill-building activities.

8. Prayer Team: Work with LLU students, faculty, and community members on various activities including prayer, encouragement, discussions, and more. You may volunteer on a one-time basis, or as often as you would like.


How can I sign up? 

Please click the link below or contact the league coordinator at goal4health@llu.edu or call (909) 651-5011.  

Thank you for your interest in Goal 4 Health. We are excited to have you join our team!


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