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Dr. Roger Hadley

As an academic health science center, we have the opportunity to provide our community leading-edge research on developing pharmaceutical and implant devices. The Clinical Trial Center (CTC) has been established to facilitate the clinical scientist’s participation in important research projects. The CTC is expected to act as a catalyst that can quickly transform an idea or a proposal to a completed research study. The expectation of the CTC is that it will focus on outcomes, efficiencies, cost conscious budgeting, better contracting, compliance, seeking trial opportunities, and other services for the clinical researcher. We want to encourage the faculty members of LLU to access the CTC, which is committed to help the clinical researcher to easily and successfully navigate the research process. We gladly welcome feedback from those who participate in clinical research projects that interact with the Clinical Trial Center.

CTC Oversight Committee

Provides oversight and direction for the Clinical Trial Center’s development.

Dr. Roger Hadley, Chair                President, UHC; EVP, LLUAHSC; Dean, SOM
Dr. Richard Hart President, LLUHASC
Dr. Anthony Zuccarelli Vice President for Research Affairs
Dr. Mark Reeves Director, LLU Cancer Center; VP for Institutes, LLUAHSC
Dr. Billy Hughes Dean, School of Pharmacy
Dr. Reza Taheri Chair, Dept. of Pharmacotherapy & Outcomes Sciences
Dr. Charles Goodacre Dean, School of Dentistry
David Wren CEO, LLUHC
Alice Wongworawat Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
Steve Ogilvie Executive Director, Finance LLUHC
Steve Mohr SVP, Finance LLUMC
Kent Hansen General Counsel, LLUAHSC
Linda Wu Director of Operations, CTC


CTC Operations Committee

Monitors the Clinical Trial Center’s operational progress and identifies support needed to meet development milestones.

David Wren, Chair CEO, LLUHC
Mike Mahoney Executive Director of Operations, LLUHC
Linda Wu Director of Operations, CTC
Alice Wongworawat Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
Arlin Tueller Director of Sponsor Project Management, OVPRA LLUAHSC
Steve Ogilvie Executive Director, Finance LLUHC
Padmini Davamony Executive Director of IT and Decision Support, LLUHC
Jennifer Miller Director of HIM/Compliance Officer, LLUHC
Barbara Sharp Executive Director of Prof Employment & Benefits/HRM
Shon Brink Executive Director of Finance, FP&S/FMG


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