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School of Allied Health Professions
School of Dentistry
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy
School of Public Health
School of Science and Technology
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Secondhand Store (H.O.T.)
Security handbook
Seniors, Just for Seniors program
Seniors psychiatry program, BMC
Seventh-day Adventists (history)
Services, medical services guide
Shryock Museum
Sigma Theta Tau
SIMS Outlook, publication
Sleep Disorders Center
SLIPP (Success in Learning--Individual Pathways Program)
Social work, department of
Sonography (academic program)
Smoking cessation, CHP
Spasticity Clinic
Speech-language pathology & audiology, student program
Spinal cord injury program, patient
Spiritual Life and Wholeness, Center for
Staff Development (nursing)
Staff, Medical (Medical Staff Administration)
Stress management, CHP
Stroke program
Student activities office
Student finance
Student financial aid
Student health services
Student loan collection
Student resources
Student services
Support groups, Children's Hospital
Support groups, Cancer Institute
Support groups, bereavement
Surgery, cardiothoracic
Surgery, eye
Surgery, orthopaedic
Surgery, pediatric
Surgery residency program
Surgery, vascular
Sweet Success (CA Diabetes and Pregnancy Program)

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Telecommunications (communication network services) (accessible on campus only)
Telehealth Initiative
Tours, virtual, Children's Hospital
Tours, virtual, dentistry
Tours, virtual, proton
Tours, virtual, LLUMC
Trading Post
Traffic & parking
Trainer, personal (Drayson Center)
Transcript, student
Transfer patterns (School of Allied Health Professions)
Transplantation, heart
Transport services, LLUCH
Transplantation Institute, kidney, liver, & pancreas
Tribology laboratory
Tuberous sclerosis clinic

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