Personal Training

Individual fitness programs to help you reach your fitness goals

Get more out of your workout with a Charles Rollins Fitness personal trainer by your side! Our experienced personal trainers are here to help you meet your fitness goals. All of our trainers are nationally certified, with a variety of specialties, each with a passion for health and wellness. Each training session is approximately 60 minutes. Call 909-558-8690 or visit the Membership Office for more information about additional session prices or to schedule your appointment today.

Charles Rollins Fitness

Charles Rollins is the owner and managing director of Charles Rollins Fitness, an exclusive sports medicine and fitness business based at the Loma Linda University Drayson Center, in Loma Linda, California. Since its establishment in May of 2007, Charles Rollins Fitness has gained a strong reputation among clients and industry experts for its distinctive design and superior personalized services.

In addition to being an experienced entrepreneur and business owner, Charles is highly knowledgeable about biological psychology and the effects of nutrition and physical training on brain function. His background as a competitive athlete led Charles into pursuing his visions for Charles Rollins Fitness and utilizing his dynamic skills as a personal trainer.

What I love most about CRF is that they focus on core strength. I've become much stronger since I started training. The trainers push you and encourage you to
do things you think would be impossible. You can tell that each trainer cares about every single client, in a group or individual setting. It is well-rounded training that brings you past your mental and physical limits.Alyssa D.

One-on-One Training

Your personal trainer can outline a specific program designed to meet your goals, increase your muscle mass, lose weight, train for a marathon, or improve your game skills.

Group Training

Train with a group of two or more save! Find someone at your basic fitness level and share a general group fitness session with a program designed to meet your group goals

One-on-One Training Sessions

Purchase six or more training sessions at one time and you will receive Wellness Assessments with our Preventive Care Clinic. These assessments will help you track your progress and identify areas where you may be struggling.

1 Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
$60 $160


Includes 2 Wellness Assessments


Includes 3 Wellness Assessments


Includes 4 Wellness Assessments

Group Training Sessions

2 Clients

1 Session 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
$80 $430 $815 $1,535

3 Clients

1 Session 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
$105 $565 $1,075 $2,025

4 Clients

1 Session 6 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
$120 $645 $1,225 $2,300

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Charles Rollins, NASM-CPT

Owner, Executive Trainer

Fitness | Wellness | Nutrition | Sport Specific Training | H.I.I.T. | High Performance | Rehabilitation

Lyn Berlingeri, NASM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness | Wellness | Nutrition | Proton Patient Therapy | Diabetes | Senior Wellness

Matt McCormick, NASM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness | Functional Training | Sport Specific Training | Nutrition | Weight Loss | TRX Training

Rod O'Strand

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer | ISSA Specialist in Senior Fitness

Healthy Aging | Weight Management | Rehabilitation | Strength and Conditioning | Fitness Coaching


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