Loma Linda is a unique community of 21,000. The city has been a national center of health and wellness research for decades. Loma Linda offers residents an alternative to the intense, often anonymous, lifestyle so characteristic of modern life. It is no surprise to find numerous families strolling along the city's tree lined streets, or playing in its numerous parks.

That said, for its size, Loma Linda has a decidedly cosmopolitan air. Thanks to the fame of Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), as many as 25,000 visitors a day come to the city from around the world. Some are patients, others are students, some come to teach, heal or perform research. Many decide to stay. (Loma Linda Chamber of Commerce.)

Some points of interest:

  1. Hulda Crooks Park --- 19.6 acres of recreational paradise including hiking trails, basketball and tennis courts, two dog parks and childrens' play centers.
  2. Redlands --- the neighboring city of Redlands offers exciting activites such as Redlands Market Night, The Redlands Bowl and many dinning and shopping establishments.
  3. Worship Centers --- Loma Linda and the surrounding communities provide options for worship in many faith traditions.