Juan Carlos Belliard, PhD
Assistant Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health
School of Public Health
University Faculty Profile
Email: jbelliard@llu.edu

Research Interests

Juan Carlos Belliard (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, M.P.H., Loma Linda University) teaches in the areas of cultural and health, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine, ethnographic research methods, health disparities, and migrant health. He is currently involved in research on medical pluralism, exploring how migrant communities utilize parallel systems of health care.  Other research projects include: Access to mental health services for members of the Latino, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Black communities; medicinal herbal use among Latinos in San Bernardino; health planning to address Latino health disparities as part of Loma Linda University’s Center for Health Disparities Research. He applies service-learning methods to his teaching in local communities (Southern California) and in field courses in Latino America. Dr. Belliard is also involved in various initiatives that strengthen community-university relationships, serves on the board of the Latino Health Collaborative, and enjoys exposing students to “real world” education through service-learning and community based research.  His administrative duties include his position as Assistant Vice-President for Community Engagement and Diversity at Loma Linda University.  

Selected Publications

1. Kiesser, M. McFadden, J., Belliard, J. An interdisciplinary view of medical pluralism among Mexican-Americans. (2006). Journal of Interprofessional Care. 20(3), 223-234.

2. Belliard, J., & Ramirez, J. Medical pluralism in the life of a Mexican immigrant woman," (2005) Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 27(3), 267-285.

3. Belliard, J., Dyjack, D., Anderson, B. Learning through academic-community partnerships. Quarterly for the National Society for Experiential Education. (Summer, 2005).

4. Belliard, J. A formative Evaluation of the Community Engagement of a Private Health Professions University. (doctoral dissertation, Claremont Graduate University , 2002)

5. Belliard, J., Dyjack, D. (2004). Putting the public into the public health curriculum: A case study. Public Health Reports. 119(4) 452-454.

6. Woods, D., Montgomery, S., Belliard, J., Ramirez, J., and Wilson, C. (2004). Culture, black men, and prostate cancer: What is reality? Cancer Control Journal. 11(6), 388-396.

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