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LLUAHSC information for web content contributors

Guidelines for web content contributors

These guidelines are to assist you in preparing content for the official public LLUAHSC site. While we have certain requirements for every page, we do allow you to incorporate your own design elements (such as photos and department-specific colors) into the content area of your pages. Be sure to look at the LLUAHSC web site before developing any web pages to see what styles, colors, and themes are carried throughout the site.

The office of public affairs reserves the right to reformat and edit materials submitted for use on the web site.

General guidelines

Public LLUAHSC web pages are managed through the content management system (CMS) and are displayed with an appropriate entity-specific (LLUAHSC, LLU, LLUMC, etc.) template.

Cartoons and graphics of a comical nature or questionable taste will not be accepted. You may include photos, graphics, and icons of your choice, as long as they are in "good taste" and in compliance with copyright laws. Contact University Relations before designing web pages. This will help to speed up the process and avoid wasted effort.

Once content has been published on the web site, content contributors will be notified at regular intervals to check the content for which they are responsible. It is the responsibility of content contributors to keep their area's information up-to-date and the links pointing to the proper destination.

Web page accesses
To increase the number of accesses to your web pages, include the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on letters, advertisements, and other materials sent to your target audience. Test the URL before printing it on any materials to be sure you have written it correctly.


1. Before a new section can be created on the LLUAHSC web site, the appropriate school dean (LLU pages) or vice president (Medical Center and other entities) must sign an approval form. You may print a form from this web site (get form). We will also accept an approval email from the appropriate person.

2. Each page must use the appropriate logos and colors to indicate that it is part of the official Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center web site. These graphics are managed via the content management system (CMS). If you have questions about this, please email the web team.

3. The department name or subdivision should be identified on each page.

4. Type styles like 'bold' and 'italics' should only be used in headings and for emphasis and not for content in general.

5. The content of your pages should conform with the web site style standards. You can see a list of style requirements on the checklist. Logos and entity names must be displayed in accordance with the University's Graphic Standards Manual. You may obtain a copy of this book at University Relations.

6. Faculty content is managed via a comprehensive database. Standard information about each faculty member is displayed via the database. Faculty members will have access through the CMS to maintain their professional information and research pages.

7. See the computer, network, intranet, extranet, and Internet use policies for the University and Medical Center.

8. See the checklist for LLUAHSC web page authors.

If you have any questions or wish to begin work on web pages, please contact a web team member.