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LEGACY: Daring to Care

By Richard A. Schaefer

Richard Schaefer is former director of community relations for Loma Linda University Medical Center. The 1978 edition of LEGACY was the result of seven years of research and writing. A major revision, including the infant heart transplant program and the Proton Treatment Center, was published in 1990. The 1995 edition included a major update and three new chapters. This is the 2005 edition

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1. Paul Gabriel Bailey Holc: "The Incredible Holc"
2. Baby Fae
3. Perspective on Neonatal Heart Transplantation
4. Pushing the Limits: On the Frontiers of Heart Transplantation
5. Protons: "A Beam of Hope"
6. Pallidotomy: A Medical Miracle for Parkinson's Disease?
7. Virtual Reality Focuses on Quality of Life
8. Services and Facilities Expand / Daring to Care--A Legacy
9. How Much More Could They Bear?
10. Who Was Ellen G. White?
11. The Great Awakening
12. Birth of a Church
13. The Five-Hundred-Dollar Seed
14. Battle Creek and Health Reform
15. Ready to Grow
16. A Church-Related Work?
17. "An Important Educational Center"
18. More Than Determination
19. Family Ties
20. Institutions Begat Institutions
21. "To Make Man Whole"
22. Hearts and Hands Reach Out
23. Outreach


A. "Come Now, And Let Us Reason Together"
B. Medical Science Confirms The Health Counsels Of Ellen G. White
C. Adventist Health Study
D. Unique Contributions Through Research
E. Whatever happened To Those Good Old Sanitariums?