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Alumni Hall for Basic Sciences Risley Hall Shryock Hall Alumni Hall for Basic Sciences Evans Hall Burden Hall Block building Block Building Randall Visitor's Center Randall Visitor's Center Library Heritage Room Magan Hall Griggs Hall Mortensen Hall Security department Media Services Gentry Gym Campus Hill Church Parkland building Lindsay Hall Nichol Hall Drayson Center  Maintenance/receiving University purchasing University Church Good Samaritan Sculpture Prince Hall Cogeneration plant University Arts Coleman Pavilion Wong Kerlee International Conference Center Chan Shun Pavilion Schuman Pavilion LLU Medical Center  Proton Treatment Center  53 55 Children's Hospital LLUMC audio visual West Hall Emergency department Express Care Mail service    Allied Health lab  Office of Sponsored Research Loma Linda Child Care Cottages La Loma Credit Union Cafeteria Student Business Center US Post Office Bank of America LL Market, Campus Store, P. Pantry Safety/Haz. Mat. ACTS Faculty Medical Offices Dialysis Center Ronald McDonald House LLU Medical Center East Campus LLU Medical Center LLU Children's Hospital Linda Hall LLU Medical Center - research wing Alumni Center Business Center Faculty dental offices Speech & Hearing Clinic Transplantation Institute

1. Gentry Gynmasium
2. Media services (University, MC)
3. Housekeeping (University); Radiation / Hazardous materials safety
4. Campus engineering (maintenance shops); Lock and key; Campus receiving (University); 4G=Garage buildings
5. Purchasing (University); Campus engineering (machine shop)
6. University Printing and Design Center; Warehouse; Construction; Architectural services
7. Drayson Center: activities center; superfield; student union; Student Association
8. Speech and Hearing Clinic (School of Allied Health Professions)
9. Nichol Hall: School of Public Health; School of Allied Health Professions; 9C = Cottages:
#60 ("Blue")--Marketing and retention (School of Allied Health Professions);
#70 ("Brown")--occupational therapy field work office;
#80 ("Green")--SIMS, Center for Health and Development (School of Public Health)
10. Daniells Residence Complex (men; graduate women)
11. Lindsay Hall, see housing office (women's residence)
12. Campus Hill SDA Church
13. Linda Hall (Campus Hill SDA Church)
14. Evans Hall: Center for Health Promotion; Cutler Amphitheater; Student Health Services; Teaching Learning Center
15. Shryock Hall: Anatomy; Embryology Museum
16. Alumni Hall for Basic Sciences: Microbiology; Pathology; Courville Museum (pathology) (See School of Medicine Bulletin.)
17. Risley Hall: Physiology; Pharmacology; Kellogg Amphitheater
18. Burden Hall: Academic publications; University relations; School of Allied Health Professions lab (upper level)
19. Block building: Orthopaedic bioengineering research labs; Tribology Lab
20. Randall Visitors Center: Amphitheater; Jorgensen Learning Center
21. University Library, Del E. Webb Memorial Library [QT VR tour]: Main library; E. G. White Estate Branch Office; Heritage Room; Micro-systems support
22. Magan Hall: Administration, Loma Linda University; Faculty records; Gift records; Advancement
23. Griggs Hall: Biology; Faculty of Religion; Graduate School
24. Mortensen Hall: Biochemistry; Center for Molecular Biology and Gene Therapy
25. Campus security; Rideshare
26. University Church; Fellowship Hall; Campus Chapel
27. Good Samaritan sculpture
28. Prince Hall: School of Dentistry [QT VR tour]
29. Cogeneration plant (power plant)
30. Advanced Periodontics Education (School of Dentistry); Dentistry faculty endodontics (private practice)
31. Educational Services (School of Dentistry)
32. Central Building: Psychology (Graduate School)
33. Center for Dental Research; University computing (room 208)
34. University Arts: Human Resource Management (personnel, benefits); Payroll; Purchasing (MC); Dentistry (private practice); next door (between 34 and 35) - LLU foundation rental office
35. Faculty Dental Offices (private practice)
36. Occupational therapy lab (School of Allied Health Professions)
37. Grants management (post-award, University)
38. Office of Sponsored Research (pre-award)
39. Bank of America
40. US Post Office
41. Upper level: Business offices; Accounting; Foundation; Lower level: Student Services Center--Student Affairs (student life, international student services, off-campus housing, dean of students); Financial Aid; Student Finance / Accounting; Admissions; Loan Collections; University Records
42. La Loma Credit Union
43. Campus cafeteria
44. Risk management
45. Safety Education Center
46. Campus Store (bookstore, camera shop, Apple computer sales & service); Loma Linda Market (bakery, natural foods); Patio Pantry; Campus Pharmacy
47. Alumni Center: Alumni offices (School of Medicine); Alumni Federation; Staff Development; Planned giving; General Conference liaison
48. A.C.T.S. (emergency relief)
49. Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus
50. Ronald McDonald House
51. University Kidney Center (dialysis)
52. Faculty Medical Offices (FMO) (private practice)
53. Loma Linda University Children's Hospital [QT VR tour]: Heliport, H South; Cafeteria (LLUCH menu); Central Computing (MC)
54. Proton Treatment Center [QT VR tour]
55. Loma Linda University Medical Center [QT VR tour]: School of Medicine; Heliport, H North; Lost and found, B-404; Cafeteria (LLUMC menu); Amphitheaters: A-512, Lobby-1506; Transplantation Institute
56. Schuman Pavilion: International Heart Institute
57. Chan Shun Pavilion: Cancer Research Institute
58. Coleman Pavilion: School of Medicine; Center for Christian Bioethics; Jesse Medical Library & Information Center [QT VR tour]
59. Wong Kerlee International Conference Center
60. Emergency department
61. Express Care (urgent care, workers' compensation, employee health care)
62. Mail service (University, MC)
63. LLUMC audio/visual
64. West Hall: School of Nursing; School of Pharmacy; Graduate School

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Area map (shows off-campus buildings).

Alphabetical index of buildings
To see the location on campus, note the number below and view the map above.

Academic publications, 18
Accounting (University) 41; Student (Student Services), 41
A.C.T.S. (Emergency relief), 48
Administration, campus business, 41
Administration, Loma Linda University, 22
Admissions and records (Student Services), 41
Advancement, VP, 22
Adventist Health Managed Care, See area map (68).
Aid, student (Student Services), 41
Allied Health Professions, School of, 9
Alumni Associations: Allied Health Professions, 9; Dentistry, 47; Medicine, 48; Nursing, 64; Public Health, 9
Alumni Center, 47z
Alumni Hall for Basic Sciences, 16
Amphitheaters: Barnes (A-512), 55; Cutler, 14; Macpherson (lobby-1506), 55; Kellogg, 17;
Randall Visitors Center, 20
Anatomy, 15
Architectural services, 6
Bakery (Loma Linda Market), 46
Bank of America, 39
Basic sciences building, 16
Behavioral Medicine Center, LLU, See area map (70).
Biochemistry, 24
Bioethics, Center for Christian, 58
Biology, 23
Block building, 19
Bookstore, 46
Bridgeport building, See area map (69).
Burden Hall, 18
Business administration, campus, 41
Cafeterias: Campus, 43; Patio Pantry, 46; CH, 53; MC, 55
Cambridge building, See area map (69).
Camera shop, 46
Campus Chapel (University Church), 26
Campus engineering (maintenance shops), 4; Machine shop, 5
Campus Hill Church, 12
Campus pharmacy, 46
Campus receiving (University), 4
Campus Store, 46
Cancer Data Center, See area map (69).
Cancer Institute: Administration; Cancer Information, See area map (69)
Cancer Research Institute (Loma Linda University Cancer Institute), 57
Cape Cod buildings, See area map (69).
Central building, 32
Central computing services (MC), 53
Chan Shun Pavilion, 57
Child Care center, Loma Linda, See area map (66).
Children's Hospital, LLU, 53
Circle of Care, International, See area map (69).
Clinical faculty, VP, 58
Cogeneration plant, 29
Coleman Pavilion, 58
Community Medical Center, LLU (now LLUMC East Campus), 49
Community Medical Group, See area map (69).
Computer sales (Campus Store), 46
Computing, University: finance and human resource management/payroll (room 208), 33
Concord building, See area map (69).
Construction, 6
Controller, campus, 41
Cottages, Schools of Allied Health and Public Health, 9C
Counseling, employee, See area map (69).
Counseling, student, See area map (69).
Credit Union, La Loma, 42
Danbury building, See area map (69).
Daniells Residence Complex, 10
Decision support services (MC), 63
Dean of students, 41
Dental and orthodontics private practice offices, 28, 30, 34, 35
Dental private practice, See area map (69).
Dental Research, Center for, (School of Dentistry) 33
Dentistry, School of, 28
Design Center (University Printing), 6
Diabetes Treatment Center, See area map (68).
Dialysis center, 51
Dover building, See area map (69).
Drayson Center, 7
East Campus, LLUMC, 49
Educational Services (SD), 31
Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office, 21
Emergency department, 60
Emergency relief, A.C.T.S., 48
Employee Assistance Program; See area map (69).
Employee health service, 61
Evans Hall, 14
Express Care, 61
Faculty Medical Offices (FMO), 52
Faculty of Religion, 23
Faculty records, 22
Family and child therapy (not shown on map)
Federation, Alumni, 47
Fellowship Hall (University Church), 26
Finance, Student (Student Services), 41
Financial affairs, VP, 22
Financial aid, student (Student Services), 41
Foundation offices, LLU, 41
Garage (vehicle maintenance), 4 G
Gene Therapy, LLU Center for Molecular Biology and, 24
General Conference representative, 47
Gentry Gymnasium, 1
Geoscience Research Institute, 3
Gift records (advancement), 22
Gloucester building, See area map (69).
Good Samaritan sculpture, 27
Graduate School, 64
Grants: prescreening, 38; management, 37
Griggs Hall, 23
Hartford building, See area map (69).
HazMat safety, 3
Health Promotion, Center for, 14
Health, School of Public, 9
Health services: Employee, 61; Student, 14
Health services, VP, 55
Heart Institute, International, 56
Heliports, 53 H South; 55 H North
Heritage Room (University Library), 21
Home Care Services (respiratory, family), See area map (68).
Hospice, See area map (68).
Housekeeping: University, 3; MC, 55
Human Resource Management (personnel, payroll, benefits), 34
Information systems (Central Computing Services) (MC), 53
Insurance, 44
International Student Services, 41
Jesse Medical Library & Information Center, 58
Jorgensen Learning Resource Center, 20
Judkins Library, See area map (68).
Kidney Center, University (dialysis), 51
La Loma Credit Union, 42
Library, University (Del E. Webb Memorial Library), 21; Jesse Medical Library & Information Center, 58
Linda Hall (Campus Hill Church), 13
Lindsay Hall (women's residence, see housing), 11
Lock and key, 4
Loma Linda University, administration, 22
Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, 53
Loma Linda University Medical Center, 55
Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus, 49
Loma Linda Market, 46
Lost and found (University, MC), 55 (B-404)
Machine shop, 5
Magan Hall, 22
Mail service (University, MC), 62
Maintenance shops, campus, 4; Machine shop, 5
Managed Care Finance, See area map (68).
Marital and Family Therapy Clinic, See area map (73).
Market, Loma Linda, 46
Material Supply and Distribution Support Services Center, See area map (65).
Media Services, 2
Medical Center, LLU, 55
Medical faculty (private practice), See area map (69).
Medical health services, VP, 55
Medical supply, See area map (68).
Medicine, School of, 58, 55
Men's residence (Daniells Residence Complex), 10
Mercantile (MC), 34
Microbiology, 16
Microsystems Support (MSS), 21
Molecular Biology, Center for... and Gene Therapy, 24
Mortensen Hall, 24
Mountain View Plaza, See area map (68).
Museums: Pathology, 16; Embryology, 15
Natural foods (Loma Linda Market), 46
Nelson House: Decision Support Services (MC), 63
News publications office (SCOPE, TODAY, Trading Post), 18
Nichol Hall, 9
Nursing, School of, 64
Occupational therapy lab (School of Allied Health Professions), 36
Oncology research, clinical; See area map (69).
Orthopaedic and Bioengineering Research Lab, 19
Osteoporosis Research Center, See area map (68).
Pathology, 16
Patient Business Office (FMO billing), See area map (68).
Patio Pantry, 46
Payroll (Human Resources Management), 34
Personnel (Human Resources Management), 34
Pharmaceutical research, See area map (69).
Pharmacy, School of, 64
Pharmacology, 17
Pharmacies: Campus, 46; CMC, 49; FMO, 52; MC, 55;
Physical plant administration (campus), 4
Physiology, 17
Planned Giving (Advancement), 47
Post Office, US, 40
Power plant (cogeneration plant), 29
Professional Plaza, See area map (72).
Providence building, See area map (69).
President, LLU, 22
Prince Hall, 28
Printing Services, University, 34
Proton Treatment Center, 54
Psychiatry, See area map (69).
Psychology (Graduate School), 32
Public affairs, VP, 22
Publications: Academic, 18
Publications: News / Public relations (University, MC) (Burden Hall), 18
Public Health, School of, 9
Purchasing: MC, 34; University, 5
Radiation safety, 3
Radiology Medical Group, administrative office, See area map (68).
Randall Visitors Center, 20
Receiving: University, 4
Records, University student (Student Services), 41
Recreation superfield, Drayson Center, 7
Rehabilitation Institute, See area map (73).
Religion, Faculty of, 23
Rental office, LLU Foundation, between 33 and 34
Research funding: 38, 37
Residences: Lindsay Hall (women - housing), 11; Daniells (men; graduate women), 10
Rideshare (Security), 25
Risk Management, 44
Risley Hall, 17
Ronald McDonald House, 50
Safety Education Center, 45
School, Graduate, 23
School of: Allied Health Professions, 9; Dentistry, 28; Medicine, 58, 55; Nursing, 64; School of Pharmacy, 64 ; Public Health, 9
Schuman Pavilion, 56
Security (University, MC), 25
Shryock Hal, 15
Special assistants to the president: Diversity, 22; International Affairs, 22; Spiritual Life and Wholeness, 23
Speech and Hearing Clinic, 8
Springfield building, See area map (69).
Staff development, 47
Store, campus, 46
Student Affairs (Student services), 41
Student aid (Student services), 41
Student apartments, 10, 41
Student Finance (Student services), 41
Student Financial Aid (Student services), 41
Student Health Service, 14
Student Services Center (Student services), 41
Teaching Learning Center, 14
Trading Post, 18
Transplantation Institute, 55
University Arts, 34
University Church, 26
University Computing (MC), 33 (room 208)
University Printing Services (University, MC), 6
University Relations (Burden Hall), 18
Urgent care (Express Care), 61
Vice presidents: Academic and Research Affairs, 22; Advancement, 22; Clinical faculty, 58; Financial affairs, 22; Health services, 55; Public affairs, 22
Veterans Medical Center, Jerry L. Pettis Memorial , See area map (67).
Visitors Center, Randall, 20
Walden building, See area map (69).
Warehouse, 6
Welfare center (emergency relief), 48
West Hall, 64
Westerly building, See area map (69).
White (E.G.) Estate Branch Office, 21
Women's residences: (Lindsay Hall, See housing.), 11; (Daniells Complex, graduate women), 10
Wong Kerlee International Conference Center, 59
Worcester building, See area map (69).
Workers' compensation, 61

To see the location of the above items on campus, note the number in the list and view the map above. See also, area map (shows off-campus buildings) and freeway map.