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Institute for Health Policy and Leadership
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IHPL Projects at a Glance

Policy Briefs

IHPL develops informative policy briefs regarding bills pending before the State legislature, many of which have gathered significant national attention.  Examples of such bills inlcude Senate Bill 128 (The End of Life Options Act), Senate Bill 277 (Childhood immunization bill passed and was signed into law), and Assembly Bill ABX2-12 (The Fetal Tissue Exploitation Prevention Act).  IHPL’s “Policy-At-A-Glance” briefs review the specifics of pending bills, examining supporters and opponents, their rationale, and the bills’ implication for Seventh-day Adventist-sponsored Health Systems.  The briefs are available upon request.

California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) Award

IHPL has received a grant from CHCF to screen “Being Mortal” -- a PBS FRONTLINE documentary that follows Dr. Atul Gawande who shares end-of-life experiences of several patients and families.  Following the movie, IHPL is in collaboration with LLU’s Center for Christian Bioethics in hosting a panel discussion to spark dialog and reflection on end-of-life issues, including surveying the participants.

The Remaining Uninsured Project

As part of a larger plan to decrease the number of those still lacking health care insurance in our region, IHPL is preparing a white paper for the Community Clinic Association of San Bernardino County.  The paper will include a thorough background study on the remaining uninsured and will calls attention to the health care challenges of the uninsured population.  IHPL is underscoring recommendations and best practices for lawmakers and elected officials under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Pharmaceuticals and Oral Health

Four of IHPL’s Faculty Scholars, representing four healthcare professions, have recently completed a white paper on policy issues related to the prevention of complications associated with the prescription of certain pharmaceuticals.  The team is being led by Dr. Paul Gavaza from LLU’s School of Pharmacy and includes Faculty Scholars from LLU’s Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry.