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Covered California

Centering on bringing wholeness to individuals and communities, IHPL seeks projects that integrate research and health care practice with health policy and leadership by focusing on health policy education, health policy analysis, development of new health policy, and leadership development.

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In California, the healthcare insurance exchange pursuant to the Affordable Care Act is called Covered California. Besides providing a method for California residents to sign up for private health insurance, Covered California also encompasses several other initiatives including Outreach and Education.

Through Covered California and administered by IHPL, Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) was awarded a $990,000 grant to provide information about health insurance to residents of San Bernardino and Riverside counties throughout 2014.

It is estimated about 5.3 million Californians who were either uninsured or paying for insurance on their own are now eligible for health insurance. LLUH’s Institute for Health Policy and Leadership is one of the select few chosen to help educate this population.

In tandem with the Community Clinic Association of San Bernardino County (CCASBC) and other essential supporters, LLUH has focused on educating:

  • Member clinics of CCASBC
  • Primary care providers (statewide model for provider education)
  • Community benefit departments
  • Health communities collaborative
  • Faith-based communities
Project Quick Facts

•    IHPL has focused on educating health care providers through monthly Spotlights on Reform sessions.

•    LLUH was awarded a grant by Covered Calfornia to help educate Californians on health care and insurance.

•   IHPL has partnered with the Community Clinic Association of San Bernardino County. The program's Outreach and Education grant activities have reached venues including health fairs, clinics, famer’s markets, consulates, conferences, schools, libraries, and many others.

•    Through end of March 2014, 122,971 consumers enrolled in subsizided and non-subsidized Covered California insurance plans in the Inland Empire, with over 1.3 million throughout California, and over 1.9 million more obtaining coverage through Medi-Cal statewide.