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Surgeons of Hope

For many, the difference between life and death depends on the country they were born.
Like Holman Velasquez. Holman was born with congenital heart disease in Nicaragua,
a country that is in the process of developing a successful pediatric heart surgery program.

In Nicaragua, even if children survive the surgery, they run a high risk of dying from
infection in the intensive care unit afterward. In order to survive to adulthood,
Holman must undergo open heart surgery in the country he calls home.
With no money to explore foreign options, Holman and his mother must
undergo a test of faith that nearly shatters their deep strength of spirit.

Doctors from Loma Linda partner with Surgeons of Hope, a foundation devoted
to bringing surgical care to indigent children in developing countries.

But perhaps what is most important, is the training that is left behind.


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