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KVCR-TV airs throughout the Inland Empire and other regions of Southern California. It is a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Viewers can tune in to channel 24 (Inland Empire); channels 18 and 9 (Desert Cities); and channel 19 (High Desert)

If you live in Loma Linda, California, simply turn to channel 17 on your television. Visit www.llbn.tv to watch the entire show on the Internet and to learn how to get a satellite.

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Loma Linda 360 - Season 3

New season of ‘Loma Linda 360°’

Loma Linda University’s three-time Emmy Award winning show “Loma Linda 360°” is airing its third season Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on the PBS affiliate KVCR. The show that takes viewers straight to the action of Loma Linda University and LLU Medical Center.

The high-definition program will showcase gripping documentary footage taken minutes after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the memoir of Baby Fae as her mother unveils her true tale for the first time in 25 years, as well as the story of a local man whose childhood friendship offers a chance to save his life.

Loma Linda 360˙ - Out of the Rubble from Loma Linda University on Vimeo.

“Out of the Rubble”

This compelling documentary shows the reality of Haiti, the courageous people, talented volunteers, and utter devastation. In addition, meet 8-year-old Sebastien Lamothe, who was trapped under the rubble for three days.

Download "Out of the Rubble" for your iPhone/iPod or other Smartphone: Download

Loma Linda 360˙ - “Stephanie’s Heart”: The Story of Baby Fae (part 1) from Loma Linda University on Vimeo.

“Stephanie’s Heart” (part 1)

In 1984 Baby Fae made headlines. For the first time, this film captures the story from the point of view of Baby Fae’s mother and her doctors.

“Stephanie’s Heart” (part 2)

In part two, we see the public outcry, the heartbreak of a mother, and the astonishing beginning of successful infant heart transplant surgery.

“The Perfect Match”

A childhood friendship…and Facebook could save John Brannon’s life. While on the brink of kidney failure, John reunites with an old friend who suddenly realizes that she has the ability to save John’s life. Watch as their friendship and lives are put to the ultimate test. This “Loma Linda 360°” episode will also feature stories from the Children’s Hospital and the Behavioral Medicine Center.

“Baby Blue”

Each year in Egypt alone, 20,000 children are diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, like Roukaia, a 2-year-old-girl from Alexandria, Egypt, who received her death sentence the day she was born. Watch as doctors from opposite sides of the globe work together to save thousands of cyanotic children who are waiting in a line that is ultimately longer than their lifetimes. (This “Loma Linda 360°” will also feature a story from the PossAbilities program.)


Before 1984, the life expectancy in Lesotho was 70 years. Today it’s 40. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has ravaged the mountain kingdom, leaving scores of orphans and grandmothers to pick up the pieces of a shattered country. Instead of retirement, the elderly are facing a future of hard labor, caring for their grandchildren until the day they die.