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Loma Linda 360 - Archive

"Loma Linda 360" is a broadcast show that takes viewers straight to the action of Loma Linda University and LLU Medical Center. Season 1 - 3 is available online. The documentary magazine show tells stories ranging from health and mission trip stories to inspiring patient profiles.


Latest season of "Loma Linda 360"


Emmy Awards to Loma Linda 360Emmy Awards name Loma Linda TV show best in region

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences named “Loma Linda 360” the best health/sciences program and the best magazine program in the region at the 37th Annual Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards. The film team from the office of university relations at Loma Linda University won Emmys in four categories.



Maranatha Hay (left), video production specialist, and Patricia Thio, associate director for public relations video, win LLU’s first Emmy Awards. Loma Linda University sweeps its categories at Emmy Awards

Loma Linda University won three Emmys this Saturday evening, taking home an award for each of its nominated categories at the 36th Annual Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards in San Diego. The awards were for “Loma Linda 360°,” the university’s documentary-style broadcast show. Read More





Big Air Kids' Fair 2010

Watch motocross stunts in front of the Children's Hospital: - Video

Some of the biggest names in freestyle Motocross performed daring stunts
at the 8th annual Big Air Kids Fair at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.

More than two-dozen young patients and at least 200 people gathered outside
the hospital to watch the talented riders display their spectacular, often heart-stopping, tricks.


Out of the rubble

Watch the transplant survivor's stories: - Video

Seven heart transplant survivors describe their lives after their new hearts.




Out of the rubble

Watch the trailer for the Amazon Mission Trip: - Video

Loma Linda University journeys to the Amazon a couple times a year to
provide health care services to the indigenous people. Watch what its all about.


Out of the rubble

Watch the trailer for the new documentary from Lesotho: - Video

Before 1984, the life expectancy in Lesotho was 70 years. Today it's 40. The
HIV/AIDS epidemic has ravaged the Mountain Kingdom, leaving scores of
orphans and grandmothers to pick up the pieces of a shattered country.
Instead of retirement the elderly are facing a future of hard labor, caring
for their grandchildren until the day they die.

Out of the rubble

Watch the documentary from Haiti:

"Out of the Rubble" - Feature - Video  Trailer
- Video

The documentary "Out of the Rubble" premiered at the
59th General Conference Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
in Atlanta, Georgia. June 23-July 3, 2010

Shows - 2009

Stephanie's HeartSeeds of Hope - Video

Today approximately 11 million Americans are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder. Privately nestled in the quiet, historic town of Redlands, California, the Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center has been providing exemplary mental health and chemical dependency care for over 18 years. The compassionate and experienced team of experts work with patients to begin the healing process while restoring hope for the future.


Stephanie's HeartStephanie's Heart: The Story of Baby Fae - Video

Twenty-five years ago, Teresa Beauclair, the mother of Baby Fae,
chose to remain anonymous in the midst of one of the biggest news stories of the 1980s.
Stephanie’s Heart
is a documentary film that tells Teresa’s story and that of her baby daughter, Stephanie Fae.

Kiwanis Pediatric Emergency Medicine FellowshipKiwanis Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
  - Video

Follow the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians at
Loma Linda University Children's Hospital (LLUCH).
Both doctors featured were a part of the Kiwanis fellowship program at LLUCH.

Life of ScienceLife of Science - Video

Growing up in a city known for it’s crime and gang activity didn’t get in
the way for Gabriel Linares. He knew he would either have a career in
politics or science, science won out.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart - Video

When children are born, their parents are usually able
to take them homefrom the hospital.
However, for Gael and his younger brother David
this was not the case.

PossAbilitiesPossAbilities - Video

Meet four PossAbilities members and learn their take on life
after their injuries. From “normal” good lives to broken dreams,
they discovered that despite how people treat them,
they can still achieve their goals—
they just have to do it differently.

Surgeons of HopeSurgeons of Hope - Video

For many, the difference between life and death depends on the country they were born. Doctors from Loma Linda partner with Surgeons of Hope to bring surgical care to indigent children in developing countries.

Healing HeartsHealing Hearts - Video

In Alexandria, Egypt, babies do not receive heart surgery
because of lack of resources. They are put on a long waiting list
in Cairo...many never make it.
That’s why the Loma Linda University Overseas Heart Surgery Team stepped in.

Mobile Dentistry ClinicMobile Dentistry Clinic - Video

Since 2006 Loma Linda University School of Dentistry has been operating a mobile clinic to help the under-served in our community. In this story a former top 10 light-heavyweight boxer,  a woman working to pull herself out of homelessness and a young mother and her son take a trip to the dentist.

Out of Anger, Out of Nothing

Out of Anger, Out of Nothing - Video

In December of 2007, Kenya erupted in violence after a disputed presidential election.
Sammy Lagatt, graduate of Loma Linda University
School of Nursing’s off campus master’s program, put his life on the line to try and help his neighbors.

Clinic with a HeartClinic with a Heart - Video

Each year, student leaders in the School of Dentistry organize “Clinic With a Heart,” a day of free dental care for the community. The need is so great that patients begin arriving as early as midnight, sheltered by tents provided by Loma Linda University. (2008)



Clinic with a Heart

Armed for the Challenge - Video

"Armed for the Challenge" takes you on a ride through humor and passion, providing that disability doesn't mean inability.

August 2008 (Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Hope Shouldn't Have a Waiting List (Watch: Small / Large)
With one in four Americans living with a diagnosable mental disorder and one in 14 Americans addicted to alcohol, the LLU Behavioral Medicine Center (BMC) aims to heal people and restore hope. Hear how a persevering family made it through their hardship with the help of the BMC.

* Kinzer-Rice Award (Watch: Small / Large)
Every year, Loma Linda sends hundreds of graduates throughout the world. But behind each of these students is a teacher working hard to make sure they're ready for the next day of class and beyond. The Kinzer-Rice Award is an award given by Loma Linda University to one of these teachers who exemplifies the highest standard of education.

* Nursing Thailand (Watch: Small / Large)
The School of Nursing travels to Mission College in Thailand to complete its first off-campus master's in nursing degree.

July 2008 (Watch the show: Small / Large)

* The Bridge to China (Watch: Small / Large)
For the past 100 years Loma Linda has served in China. Narrated by Lisa Ling, "The Bridge to China" features Dr. David Fang's significant contribution to Chinese health care and his role in expanding the relationship between Loma Linda and China. Journey to the Far East and witness a fascinating partnership of whole-person care.

June 2008 (Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Transforming Lives (Watch: Small / Large)
Dr. B. Lyn Behrens served as president of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Centers for 17 years. Celebrate her legacy of service and dedication as she led this institution through many historical milestones.

* Mission to Iraq (Watch: Small / Large)
One of the School of Dentistry's graduates has served our country in two wars—the first in Vietnam in the 1970s, and now in Iraq as commander of the 37th Medical Division (Dental Services). In "Mission to Iraq," you will meet Colonel Terry R. Schmunk, DDS, as he continues the Loma Linda tradition "to make man whole."

* Spiritual Vital Signs (Watch: Small / Large)
Dr. Harvey Elder, professor in the School of Medicine and School of Public Health, runs an ongoing seminar that helps teach students and employees how to communicate better with their patients.

May 2008 (Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Proton Tribute, Part III (Watch: Small / Large)
This concludes the 3-part series on the Proton Treatment Center, now called the James M. Slater, M.D. Proton Treatment and Research Center. Learn how it not only fights cancer, but also provides answers to researchers' questions.

* Healthy Neighborhoods (Watch: Small / Large)
The Healthy Neighborhoods Project reaches out to the local community through its five different mentoring programs. Through these programs, Loma Linda students are reminded why they fell in love with whole-person care in the first place.

* Pet Grief (Watch: Small / Large)
As you can imagine, many patients at Loma Linda are going through the hardest time in their lives. The chaplain's office is here to help these people, who have lost a spouse, relative, or even their best friend. Man's Best Friend.

* Interview: The Blue Zone (Watch: Small / Large)
According to author Dan Buettner, Loma Linda is a 'blue zone'- his term for the regions on Earth with the longest life expectancy. Join Dan Buettner and Renate Krause they discuss why Loma Linda's elderly age so gracefully.

April 2008
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Vegetarian Congress (Watch: Small / Large)
More than 700 people from over 40 counties attended the Fifth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition. Held on Loma Linda's campus, the congress premiered cutting edge research on the health effects of plant-based diets.

* The Centennial Legacy of LLU Nutrition (Watch: Small / Large)
The International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition marks the 100th anniversary of the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Its history began with "The Cooks and Baker's Hygienic Training Program" in 1908 and was the first program from the College of Medical Evangelists, now Loma Linda University, to offer a bachelor of science degree.

* Proton Tribute, Part II (Watch: Small / Large)
In our last episode, we began our series on the proton treatment center, which highlighted Dr. James Slater's research to fight cancer. In Part 2, you will hear about the struggles and challenges that Loma Linda faced while trying to achieve their goal—to have the world's first hospital-based proton therapy center.

* Jared's Story (Watch: Small / Large)
Jared Wareham was born with Down syndrome. Now in his 20s, Jared has benefited from the philosophy of his parents to "put no ceiling" on what he can do. And thanks to the PossAbilities Program, he is trying new activities and facing new challenges with growing confidence.

March 2008
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Breathing Trauma (Watch: Small / Large)
As the region's only Level 1 Trauma Center, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital serves San Bernardino, Riverside, Inyo, and Mono Counties, home to 1.2 million children. In "Breathing Trauma," witness the action of the trauma team's everyday heroes as you follow the stories of two families who persevered.

* Into the Heart of Europe (Watch: Small / Large)
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Faculty from the department of nutrition and dietetics of the School of Allied Health Professions provided nutrition education in Central Europe to help prevent this disease.

* Proton Tribute, Part I (Watch: Small / Large)
In part one of this series, we take a look at how Dr. James Slater founded the world's first hospital-based proton therapy center to help treat cancer at LLU Medical Center.

* The Big Air Kids Fair (Watch: Small / Large)
Children's Hospital patients were treated with a high-energy motocross spectacular featuring some of the wildest motocross aerial action imaginable by the sport's heavy hitters.

February 2008 (Watch the show: Small / Large)

* The Centennial Complex (Watch: Small / Large)
In its centennial year of 2005, Loma Linda University entered a new era of growth, innovation, and touching the world. The significance of this lies not in the addition of a new building. Rather, its significance resides in what the buildings and their unique contents and design will enable the University to do. See what Loma Linda's newest addition will be like once completed in 2009.

* The Medical Simulation Center (Watch: Small / Large)
This state-of-the-art facility will soon be housed in the Centennial Complex where high-tech robots give students valuable practice at medicine.

* The Malawi Project (Watch: Small / Large)
LLU students are partnering with Adventist Health International to bring assistance to Malamulo Mission. In the Southern region of Malawi, about 22 percent of pregnant women are HIV positive and approximately 10 percent of all HIV infections in Malawi are from mother-to-child transmission. In July 2004, Malamulo Hospital began a program to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother-to-child.

January 2008
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* The Pettis Legacy (Watch: Small / Large)
Jerry L. Pettis and Shirley N. Pettis served our country for a combined 12 years in the House of Representatives. This film features their accomplishments and hardships, while showcasing their foundation of honor and service that still lives on. Loma Linda University created this film for the dedication event of the Jerry L. Pettis and Shirley N. Pettis Congressional Papers and is honored to house these invaluable sources of the "The Pettis Legacy."

* Mrs. Barbara Bush's Speech (Watch: Small / Large)
The former First Lady was a special guest on LLU's campus during the Pettis Papers Dedication. This new year, hear what Mrs. Bush has learned on what defines a successful life.

December 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* The Spirit of Christmas (Watch: Small / Large)
At Loma Linda, employees extend their compassion past their job. In "The Spirit of Christmas" watch how staff members from LLU Children's Hospital are helping a few of their patients have a merry Christmas.

* Helping Fire Victims (Watch: Small / Large)
When the fires struck Southern California this past October, many LLU & LLUMC employees were affected. Hear how Loma Linda's spirit of giving came to the rescue.

* Christmas at Children's Hospital (Watch: Small / Large)
During the holiday season, the community shares their Christmas cheer with the kids at Children's Hospital. In this musical photo montage, see events such as the Stater Bros./KFRG Bicycle Give-away where LLUCH donors give away about 1,200 bikes to underprivileged kids, the making of the Gingerbread Village at LLUCH, and the Motorcycle Toy Run.

* Cops for Kids Fly-in (Watch: Small / Large)
Helicopters from police departments across Southern California flew onto the campus of Loma Linda bearing toys for children at LLU Children's Hospital.

November 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Health Disparities Symposium (Watch: Small / Large)
When it comes to health care in the U.S., not everyone is created equal. That's why LLU created the center for health disparities and molecular medicine.

* Nathan's Project (Watch: Small / Large)
For the second year, volunteers from the School of Dentistry and LLU Medical Center brought dental care to special needs children in Nicaragua.

* For Your Health (Watch: Small / Large)
It's Alzheimer's disease Awareness month?find out how drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice does a body good.

* Ashlee's Story (Watch: Small / Large)
When Ashlee was born, doctors told her parents that she would never walk or talk. But with therapy from LLU and good parenting, Ashlee's future is just as bright as her smile.

* The Fires (Watch: Small / Large)
The fires that swept across Southern California this past October affected many people. This segment is our personal story about the Rice Canyon Fire.

October 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* For Your Health (Watch: Small / Large)
Researchers from the School of Public Health have found that a handful of nuts...does a body good.

* The Overseas Heart Surgery Team (Watch: Small / Large)
A health-care team from Egypt visited Loma Linda University Medical Center to learn more about pediatric heart surgery.

* 7100 Gets a Face-Lift (Watch: Small / Large)
The inside of the Medical Center is gradually getting a face-lift. The cardiothoracic unit is one of the first to get remodeled...see how it's a home away from home for its patients.

* Journey to Cameroon (Watch: Small / Large)
Join Students for International Mission Service as they participate in a community health fair...empowering the local community of Batouri, Cameroon, to hold the health event themselves in the following years.

September 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* We All Scream for Ice Cream (Watch: Small / Large)
Children's Hospital has many supporters, one of which is Stater Bros. Markets, who partnered with Dreyer's ice cream to fill the patients' day—and bellies—with ice cream and fun.

* The Security Dogs (Watch: Small / Large)
See how the K-9s at Loma Linda are both crime fighters and kid pleasers.

* For Your Health (Watch: Small / Large)
It's back to school... But many people wear a backpack improperly, which can lead to injuries. The School of Allied Health Professions tells us how to wear one safely.

* Fighting for Life: Inside the NICU (Watch: Small / Large)
Three years ago, LLU made a documentary about two babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Follow them through hardship and hope, and see a special surprise on how they are doing today.

August 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* The Park at East Campus (Watch: Small / Large)
LLU East Campus recently unveiled a park for all ages and abilities. This healing environment leaves no one behind.

* Mobile Telemedicine Vehicle (Watch: Small / Large)
Loma Linda University Medical Center now has the capability to provide care in remote locations. This self-contained, four-wheel-drive vehicle has sophisticated diagnostic equipment connecting to LLUMC via satellite for teleconferencing.

* For Your Health (Watch: Small / Large)
Learn how to prevent the leading cause of death to children under the age of 5—drowning.

* The Diary of a Japanese Soldier (Watch: Small / Large)
This story follows Paul Tatsuguchi, a graduate of Pacific Union College and a physician who studied at College of Medical Evangelists, now known as Loma Linda University. After graduating, he and his wife returned to Tokyo as medical missionaries where he was drafted into WWII. Little did he know who he would have to fight against....

July 2007
(Watch the show: Small / Large)

* Operation Good Samaritan (Watch: Small / Large)
Operation Good Samaritan is an international outreach program of the division of plastic surgery. Journey to Malawi as the mission team provides surgical services.

* Seniors in Action (Watch: Small / Large)
The Drayson Center Seniors Program is committed to helping seniors stay healthy and independent. Meet these active individuals and learn how they're staying in shape.

* The PossAbilities Triathlon (Watch: Small / Large)
It was fast and furious at the 5th annual PossAbilities Triathlon. Held every April, the event celebrates all walks of life, skill, and physical ability. And, it's put on by PossAbilities—an LLUMC program tailored for those with disabilities by providing them with support and helping them get back into life once again.

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