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Transcript of remarks made by Dr. Bailey after Baby Fae's death
From Scope, January-March, 1985

The following is a transcript of the remarks made by Dr. Leonard Bailey at the news conference following the death of Baby Fae:

“…Baby Fae’s experience of a brief month or so has been a uniquely human one. The courageous decisions made for her by her family and all of us who have loved her, have forced us to confront and examine our human existence. The discussions and debates should improve all mankind. For her part, I and my colleagues believe Baby Fae has opened new vistas for all, including the as-yet-unborn infants with similar lethal heart disease.

“The Baby Faes and their parents are the real pioneers in the quest to enrich our quality of life.

“Today we grieve the loss of this precious life, which could have been an absolute loss to her loved ones. Her unique place in our memories will derive from what she and her parents have done to give rise to a ray of hope for the babies to come.

“While preparing to leave my home this morning, one of my little boys was tuned in to Mr. Rogers whom most of you know. His guest was the brilliant football star Lynn Swann. And the discussion went something like this. ‘But Mr. Rogers, we lost the ball game.’ And the response was, ‘Did you play your best?’ ‘Yes, we did,’ was the answer. ‘But then you won,’ said Mr. Rogers, ‘then you won.’

“I believe the fundamental truth of the discussion relates clearly to the hundreds of members of the Loma Linda University family and the family of the sweet infant, Baby Fae. We should not, today, dissect Baby Fae, but rather grieve passionately and ironically cheer just as passionately.

“Let this continue to be a uniquely human experience. To this end, a memorial service for Baby Fae and her parents will be held on campus in the University Church tomorrow afternoon.

“For all you boys and girls, and moms and dads, who have sent me such remarkable letters these past few weeks, don’t be too sorry. Baby Fae will live in our memories, I think, for a lifetime.

“This weekend, my three-year-old boys have invited me and their grandfather to a father-son brunch at school. I can promise you that the dads and moms of the Baby Faes and Adams yet to be born will someday soon have the same opportunity, thanks to the courage of these marvelous infants and their courageous parents.

“Thank you.”



See the full issue of Scope, January-March, 1985.


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