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    Public Affairs Staff

    Loma Linda University Health

    Rachelle Bussell, CFRE, Senior Vice President for Advancement

    Julie Roth, Executive Assistant
    Email: jroth@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-4544


    Tony Yang, MBA, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs

    Rolinda Luevano, Administrative Assistant
    Email: rluevano@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-7000

    Carol Berger, Production Coordinator
    Email: cberger@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-7000


    Office of Public Relations

    Front Desk
    (909) 558-4111

    Mary Lou Clement, Tour Guide
    Email: mclement@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-4526

    James Gallagher, Executive Communication Manager
    Email: jgallagher@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5065

    Larry Kidder, MA, PR Writer/Editor
    Email: lkidder@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5067

    Susan Onuma, Media Relations Specialist
    Email: SOnuma@llu.edu

    Briana Pastorino, Media Relations Specialist
    Email: bpastorino@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-8357

    James Ponder, PR Writer/Editor
    Email: jlponder@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5069

    Heather Reifsnyder, PR Writer/Editor
    Email: hreifsnyder@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5066

    Nancy Yuen, MPW, PR Writer/Editor
    Email: nyuen@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-8439


    Advancement Films

    Cosmin Cosma, MS, Director
    Email: ccosma@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5755

    Michael Wolcott, MS, Project Manager
    Email: mwolcott@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5755

    Keturah Reed, Project Coordinator
    Email: ketreed@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5755

    Patricia Kelikani, Special Projects Coordinator
    Email: pkelikani@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 651-5755


    Heather Valentine, Interim Director
    Email: hvalentine@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3447

    Isabel Peruyera, Production Manager
    Email: iperuyera@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3449

    Jessica Berto, Senior Marketing Specialist
    Email: jberto@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3462

    Lucinda Betcher, Administrative Assistant
    Email: lbetcher@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3450

    Dawn Chilson, Graphic Designer
    Email: dchilson@llu.edu

    Rose Di Ponio, Media Buyer 
    Email: rdiponio@llu.edu 
    Phone: (909) 558-3451

    Gian Dudley, Events
    Email: gidudley@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3456

    Renee Giroth, Senior Marketing Specialist
    Email: rgiroth@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3456

    Tina Huerta, Department Secretary
    Email: thuerta@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3456

    Kelsey Culler, Senior Marketing Specialist
    Email: kculler@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3442

    Shaun Kinsey, Employer Relations Specialist
    Email: shkinsey@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3476

    Shelly Moore, Manager of Communications and Marketing for Mission and Culture
    Email: smoore@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3467

    Jhanelle Ocampo, Graphic Designer
    Email: jhocampo@llu.edu

    Samantha Orcasitas, Senior Marketing Specialist
    Email: sorcasitas@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3455

    Brandon Reimer, Physician Relations
    Email: breimer@llu.edu
    Phone: (909) 558-3456

    Tony Schmidt, Graphic Designer
    Email: tschmidt@llu.edu