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This special electronic issue of SCOPE, Loma Linda University's flagship publication, will focus on innovations and technologies that will help the university's educational and health care facilities share the message of wholeness -- health and healing for mind, body, and spirit -- with the global community.

As you read the following articles, look for the innovations and technologies that are taking us toward new possibilities and horizons as we carry on the teaching and healing ministry of Christ. ... Larry Kidder, SCOPE editor


School of Dentistry rides the technological wave
Simulation, electronic patient records, 3-dimensional visualization, remote access to vast resources ... these are a few of the ways that the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry is using technology to streamline and improve the educational experiences of its students.

New labs make more possible for health geoinformatics at
Loma Linda University

A map showing the rainfall in a particular region could be useful in certain settings. However, take that rainfall map and combine it with a map showing population and you could discover where to build wells or other water delivery systems. A brand-new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory housed in the Centennial Complex is already helping students make a difference right now.

The greening of Loma Linda University
Loma Linda University is making a concerted effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Contractors who work on LLU projects are required to recycle the materials they remove from worksites. A giant 6-million-gallon water tower will allow the university to produce chilled water during non-peak hours for electricity and store the chilled water for use during peak hours of the day, saving millions of dollars. Shuttle buses carry as many as 32,000 riders per month from satellite parking to various LLU buildings, saving tons of emissions from cars making inefficient short trips.

The new Centennial Complex taps into the technologies of tomorrow
You’ve probably heard about the Centennial Complex, the newest building on the campus of Loma Linda University, built to serve all of the schools that make up the university. You may have also heard that the new building features some amazing technologies that not only enhance the learning experience of the students, but provide avenues for creating global connections.

Promising research suggests a method for healing difficult wounds
Innovation in health care is a key motivation behind much of the research that takes place at Loma Linda University. More importantly, the innovations can lead to real-life benefits for patients. One research team in the School of Allied Health Professions is studying the use of electric currents in helping difficult wounds to heal. By utilizing multiple electrodes around a wound, the team has discovered that the current creates a whirlpool effect -- which encourages even more natural healing at a faster rate.