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TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Lose your pain in the neck with a massage at Drayson Center

For many individuals—particularly those who spend long hours in front of a computer screen—neck pain is a very real experience.

Massage not only provides relief for neck pain, but it addresses many of the underlying problems that contribute to the pain. Through October 15, you can try out our “Neck Remedy Massage” at LLU Drayson Center for just $30 per 30-minute session ($10 off the normal price).

In addition to a lack of physical activity, emotional tension can cause a pain in your neck. When muscles are stretched or strained beyond their normal ranges, they often react with a spasm, cramp, or knot. Surrounding muscles tend to compensate in kind, and before you know it, an entire muscle group becomes tight and painful. Muscles weakened by a lack of use are even more vulnerable to spasms, cramps, and knots.

General pain and stiffness in the neck muscles are messages sent by your body alerting you to take action. Your pain may travel to your shoulder or center itself between your shoulder blades. Or the pain may radiate down your arm all the way to your hands, or up into your head resulting in a one- or two-sided headache.

When the muscles in your neck become tense, sore, and hard to the touch, the resulting acute pain can actually alter your neck posture, forcing your head to one side or the other. Pain at the base of your skull may even be accompanied by a feeling of weakness in your shoulders and arms.

What causes the pain in the first place? Trauma, injury, worry, stress, poor posture, prolonged use of a computer, sitting in a cramped position at a desk, driving hunched over the steering wheel, falling asleep in an awkward position—these are all situations that can cause neck pain. Even some sports, if played incorrectly or beyond one’s level of conditioning, can result in neck pain.

Some individuals suffer from chronic neck pain, due to traffic or sporting accidents, or some other cause. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, try a series of massage treatments before you resort to more extreme measures, such as heavy medications or even surgery. Results can be downright miraculous—and much less trouble!

So, come on over to Drayson Center and trade your “pain in the neck” for a relaxing massage. The “Neck Remedy Massage” will help to break your painful cycle of spasms, cramps, and knots, as well as increase circulation to the affected areas.

Call (909) 558-8690 or extension 88690 for information and to set up your appointment. Don’t miss out on the special through October 15!

TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005