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TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Loma Linda University librarian retires after 24 years of service

Petre Cimpoeru, MSL, MA
Petre Cimpoeru, MSL, MA
After 24 years of working for Loma Linda University, Petre Cimpoeru, MSL, MA, associate librarian and assistant archivist, Del E. Webb Memorial Library, retires September 30, 2005. He also served the library and campus community as safety coordinator, liaison for the earth and biological sciences department, reference librarian, and assistant archivist.

“The Loma Linda University Libraries express appreciation to Petre Cimpoeru, whose 24 years of service as a librarian and archivist provided continuity and organization to the department of archives and special collection,” states Marilyn Crane, interim chair and director, special collections, Del E. Webb Memorial Library.

Mr. Cimpoeru is a member of the Society of California Activists, the California Library Association, and the Society of American Archivists.

He has been published in the Adventist Review, Signs of the Times in the Romanian language, and the San Bernardino Sun. He served as editor of Signs of the Times in the Romanian language for five years and has been active in improving Romania’s libraries.

He is also joint author of the first manual for Romanian Military Libraries.

Mr. Cimpoeru enjoys writing, theology, classical music, sports, archeology, politics, and history.

TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005