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TODAY news for Thursday, March 26, 2007

School of Nursing news

Continuing education credit available to respiratory therapists, nurses

The Loma Linda University friends and family cruise to Alaska is open to anyone who desires a cruise vacation to Alaska. Continuing education units are now optional for x-ray techs, nurses, critical care nurses, and respiratory therapists.

Specialists in all areas of radiation technology (x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, NM, RT, mammo) may earn eight hours of ASRT category A credit while exploring Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Victoria, British Columbia. Nurses (BRN and ANCC) and respiratory therapists can earn six hours of BRN-approved CEU credit.

Speakers on the cruise include Kevin Powers, RT, director of education for the American Society of Registered Technologists (ASRT); John Radtke, MR, RT, professor of nuclear medicine technology at Loma Linda University; and Carol Davis, RT, MA, radiation therapy program director at Loma Linda University.

Kevin Powers from the ASRT will be presenting two talks. His first talk, titled “FutureScan,” will provide nurses and radiation technologists with an understanding of the new types of radiation technology and radiologic tests that their patients may experience in the future. He will also provide information about the regulatory and legal issues that affect their patients as it relates to tests done in a radiology department.

Mr. Power’s second talk, titled “Advanced Practice for the Radiation Technologist,” will provide radiation technologists with direction toward advanced career pathways in the radiologic sciences. The presentation will include an overview of the development of the advanced practice initiative, development of educational programs, and standards for certification.

Emphasis will be on the present state of advanced practice, primarily as it relates to radiologic technologists, as well as explorations underway by other technologist groups.

John Radtke’s presentation will provide nurses, radiation technologists, and respiratory technologists with an overview of hospital imaging safety. Topics covered include common safety issues, common errors, ergonomics, infection control, and safety issues related to fire, spills, and radiation exposure. Other topics include safety issues in the areas of PET/CT and radiation therapy.

Carol Davis will be presenting an overview of proton therapy. Her talk will be pertinent to nurses, radiation technologists, and respiratory therapists.

Continuing education units are offered by Loma Linda University Medical Center staff development in conjunction with Loma Linda University department of radiation technology.

To register for the continuing education portion of this event, please contact LLUMC staff development at (909) 558-3500, fax (909) 558-3541, or e-mail <staffdevelopment@lluahsc.org>. Payment methods include cash, check, and credit card.

To pay your deposit for your room, call Cheryl Harrison at University Travel at utravel@carlsontravel.com> or (909) 796-8344. Inside cabins start at $1,109 and window cabins start at $1,574. Deposits are being taken now and final payment is due by April 23, 2007. Visit our website at www.llu.edu/llu/sahp/radtech/radtechcruise07.html.

By Brenda Pfeiffer

TODAY news for Thursday, March 26, 2007