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TODAY news for Thursday, March 26, 2007

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Yucaipa resident authors book on religion

Ann Burke
Ann Burke
Ann Burke, a Yucaipa author/ writer, has produced her second book, a 148-page story of government and religion, To the Last Drop of Our Blood.

The paperback book has been produced by Teach Services Publishers of Brushton, New York, and is available online through <www.amazon.com>.

Ms. Burke is a 32-year resident of Yucaipa and is the wife of Kenneth Burke, PhD, associate chair of nutrition and dietetics, School of Allied Health Professions.

In announcing her new book, Ms. Burke says that it is “a book about people.”

“It is my privilege to present to the reading world a book about the Waldenses, a minority whose story echoes like a call among their native Alps, its poignant warning resounding to where we are.”

In her book, Ms. Burke sketches excerpts from the story of the Waldenses, a religious minority who for generations lived under the looming shadow of church-state power.

The book was inspired, in part, by a visit with her husband to the Waldensian Valley located in northern Italy and on the border with France. The last 22 pages of her book are annotations, indicating the great deal of research that Ms. Burke put into the writing of the script. These notes include literary accounts, historical notes, and stories written by the Waldensian people themselves.

In her preface, Ms. Burke says that the book “is about history; it is not a history.”

Ms. Burke is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who writes from her own home in Yucaipa in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains.

She received an undergraduate degree in English and has since studied writing for children and teenagers.

Her experience includes teaching English in the public school system and providing a not-for-credit class in Christian creative writing for aspiring writers. Several of her students have had their work published.

The author’s verse, stories, and articles have appeared in several religious periodicals. Her first book, Light the Lantern, Daughter, was released in 1986.

By Don Roth

TODAY news for Thursday, March 26, 2007