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TODAY news for Thursday, February 26, 2007

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

Visiting professors complete stay at LLUMC

Two visiting professors from the People’s Republic of China have recently completed a three-month academic stay at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Li Xiaohu, MD, director, department of hematology, and Cheng Daosheng, MD, technologist-in-chief, both from Jiangmen Central Hospital, were at Loma Linda as part of an exchange program sponsored by the Riverside-Jiangmen Friendship Committee. Dr. Li, a hematology specialist, is responsible for the bone marrow transplantation program at Jiangmen Central Hospital.

“While at Loma Linda, I was able to learn American pain control techniques, and study various bone marrow transplant programs here in the Southern California area,” Dr. Li reports. “Dr. Cheng and I very much appreciated the new techniques that we observed and learned during our stay.”

Dr. Cheng is responsible for the operation of Jiangmen Central Hospital’s clinical laboratory. “I was extremely interested in the various American procedures and testing practices,” Dr. Cheng notes.

“Many of the testing procedures are similar, but the medical protocols are more strict than generally practiced in China.”

Both physicians spent approximately six weeks studying procedures at the Medical Center.

“Much of our time was spent in hospital operations not directly related to patient care,” Dr. Li says. “We feel our stay at Loma Linda will directly benefit the medical care and institutional procedures at our hospital.”

Before coming to the United States, the two physicians, along with other health care providers at Jiangmen Central Hospital, took intensive English classes to better prepare them for their stay.

Upon their return to their home base, the Drs. Li and Cheng presented a comprehensive report on their California stay and have started implementing new procedures and protocols at their home hospital.

Jiangmen Central Hospital, a 1,000-bed general surgical hospital, is one of 127 hospitals serving the 350,000 people in the city proper and approximately four million in the local area.

Jiangmen Central Hospital is a triple A national-level Chinese medicine hospital.

Jiangmen (or Rivergate in the English translation) is located on the West River—about a two-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. Extensive industry, citrus, and other agriculture products are important parts of the economy.

The Riverside-Jiangmen Friendship City program is chaired by Marylin V. Jacobsen, director of the Center for International Students and Program for the Riverside Community College District, and co-chaired by John Jang, PhD, retired professor of history at the University of La Verne, La Verne, California.

The Riverside-Jiangmen Friendship City program is part of the International Relations Council.

The city also has sister-city ties to Sendai, Japan; Cuautla and Ensenada, Mexico; Kangnam-gu, Republic of Korea; and Hyderabad, India.

By Richard Weismeyer

TODAY news for Thursday, February 26, 2007