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TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Innerweave: The Wholeness Story

Wil Alexander
During times of chaos and crises it is always encouraging to note how deeply human beings who have been spared relate to those most unfortunate. Money is given, boxes are filled, trips are made, TV is watched, prayers are made. So much action is noted and lauded. For the Christian, this is who they are, what they do. How it happens is wonderfully noted by Abraham Heschel, for me a closet Christian:

“Our great desire is to place our whole life at the disposal of God. In this we find the real meaning of life. We would feel wretched and lost without the certainty that our life, insignificant though it be, is of some purpose in the great plan, and life takes on enhanced value when we feel ourselves engaged in fulfilling purposes which lead us away from self.

“In this way, we feel that in whatever we do, we are ascending step by step a ladder leading to the ultimate. In aiding a creature, we are helping the Creator. In succoring the poor, the suffering, we are fulfilling a concern of God. In admiring the good, we revere the Spirit of God. In loving the pure, we are drawn to Him. In promoting the right, we are directing things toward His will, in which all aims must terminate. Ascending by this ladder, we reach the state of self-forgetfulness, sacrificing not only our desires but also our will; for we realize that it is the will of God that matters, and not our own perfection or salvation. Thus, the glory of man’s devotion to the good becomes a treasure of God on earth.”

TODAY news for Thursday, September 22, 2005