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TODAY news for Thursday, February 26, 2007

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Professors assist Peruvian university with continuing education courses

Two professors from Loma Linda University were on-hand to assist with continuing education courses at Universidad Peruana Union, Lima, Peru, from November 17 through 26.

Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, EdD, MA, professor of theology, psychology, and culture, Faculty of Religion, assisted the university with courses on marriage and family therapy, while his wife, Clara Jorge Ramirez, PhD, assistant professor of general studies, School of Science and Technology, taught CE courses for 100 professors.

Universidad Peruana Union is currently developing a master’s in family therapy program, which Dr. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson is advising.

“Loma Linda University has had a key role in the development of this program,” says Dr. Ramirez-Johnson.

Universidad Peruana Union has been assisted by LLU for more than the past four years with this program.

As part of his role in assisting the university in developing its new program, Dr. Ramirez-Johnson held an evening program for lawyers, teachers, and psychologists.

Approximately 60 percent of the students are non-Adventist, and already there have been several baptisms among the students.

“It really is an aggressive outreach for the university,” says Dr. Ramirez-Johnson.

Dr. Clara Ramirez discussed classroom behavior, different methods of education, leadership in Christian education, and how to improve the home and school relationship for the more than 100 professors that attended her CE courses.

“When talking about discipline, appearance is very important, and in Peruvian schools all professors wear an elegant uniform,” says Dr. Clara Ramirez. “This inspires more professionalism and respect from students.”

Dr. Clara Ramirez also admired the Peruvian primary and secondary school teachers’ commitment to reflecting Jesus in all aspects of their teaching experience.

“We all know that discipline is an issue at these teaching levels. I shared with them home-engagement discipline methods that facilitate sharing values, and they were eager learners, sharing specific ways to adapt the methods to the Peruvian experience,” she says.

During her brief time there, Dr. Clara Ramirez found at least one area that the faculty were eager to learn more about.

“The professors were very interested in developing positive relationships between the school and the parents,” she states.

Both professors appreciated their time in Peru, and they are expecting to return soon to help at the university.

“It is so rewarding when you can share with others the knowledge that God has given,” says Dr. Clara Ramirez. “I’m looking forward to the next invitation to share.”

By Dustin R. Jones, MA

TODAY news for Thursday, February 26, 2007