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TODAY news for Thursday, April 30, 2007

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center news

BMC earns re-accreditation

The Behavioral Medicine Center performed well during a recent visit by surveyors from the Joint Commission (formerly known as JCAHO), earning re-accreditation through 2010.

The triennial Joint Commission surveys are no longer scheduled ahead of time, but the Behavioral Medicine Center’s strong preparation ensured a good survey outcome.

“The nice thing about this unannounced process is that hospitals have to stay in a constant state of readiness,” says Diana Albertson, MBA, director of quality resource management.

During their three-day visit, surveyors worked closely with staff members.

“Surveyors noticed how our staff is engaged and the passion they have for their work,” says Jill Pollock, RN, MS, administrator. “Survey outcomes are driven by the staff. Their knowledge and patient-care skills were evident in the way they presented themselves.”

The leadership of the Behavioral Medicine Center went to great lengths to ensure staff readiness. They held an education fair January 23, produced a pocket-sized 28-page booklet of essential information, performed mock reviews, and created informative posters for the units, as well as making education a priority throughout the past three years.

Of course, all this preparation is beneficial not only for inspections, but for the patients.

“Meeting Joint Commission standards makes for good patient care. It’s not parallel to our job; it is our job,” Ms. Albertson says.

TODAY news for Thursday, April 30, 2007