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TODAY news for Thursday, July 2, 2007

Faculty of Religion news

School of Religion faculty surpasses goal for naming opportunity

School of Religion faculty pose for a picture with Dr. Lyn Behrens (second from left) and Dr. Richard Hart (far right).
School of Religion faculty pose for a picture with Dr. Lyn Behrens (second from left) and Dr. Richard Hart (far right).
Though small in number, the 13 members of the Loma Linda University School of Religion—joined by some of the staff—recently surpassed its chosen goal of $20,000 to name a room that will soon serve them in the new Centennial Complex currently under construction.

Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, EdD, MA, professor of religion, psychology, and culture, in the new School of Religion, took the lead in fundraising efforts and reports that a final total of $26,770 came in to be applied to the naming of the “Common Room”—a work area that will be accessible by all School of Religion faculty and staff.

Dr. Ramirez-Johnson was among several faculty “ambassadors” selected to bring to the University’s various School faculties the challenge of raising funds in connection with naming opportunities within the new Complex. The response of the School of Religion faculty was remarkable, with 100 percent full-time faculty participation. Donations ranged from $200 to more than $6,000 and averaged approximately $1,500 per faculty member.

Since 1990, when ties ended between Loma Linda University and La Sierra University—which from 1967 had been the undergraduate school of LLU—the religion curriculum at Loma Linda University has carried the name of Faculty of Religion. But on July 1, 2007, it has been voted that the Faculty of Religion will again become the School of Religion—a designation it bore prior to 1990. In the new Centennial Complex, the School of Religion will occupy a suite of offices on the third floor, on the north side of the building.

“I am proud to be a member of the School of Religion as their faculty ambassador,” says Dr. Ramirez-Johnson. “They fully supported my fundraising efforts and embraced the ‘Common Room’ naming opportunity wholeheartedly. With a group such as this, I am ready to do this again!”

Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH, Loma Linda University chancellor and CEO, has outlined a future vision for the University based on the three imperatives of globalization, innovation, and growth. The new Centennial Complex—supported so generously by donors, alumni, and faculty, among many others—will contribute greatly to the realization of this threefold vision.

By Ken McFarland

TODAY news for Thursday, July 2, 2007