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TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007

School of Public Health news

School of Publc Health student hosts TV series on preventive care

School of Public Health doctoral student Ruth Tanyi, MSN, RN, is back at it again. Having created, produced, and directed the diabetes documentary TV series Bad Sugar, which won a 2006 Golden Lamp award, she has another beneficial and informative new series on preventing heart attacks, hypertension, managing stress, healthy eating, and a follow-up show on diabetes called Bad Sugar with a Live Audience.

The series began on June 17 with a mini-series on stress and preventing diseases, and it airs on Southern California television each Sunday at 4:30 p.m. on KHIZ Channel 64. This station goes to almost 2.5 million homes through free airwaves, cable, and satellite.

The show connects viewers to health experts and specialists such as physicians, nutritionists, and personal trainers without scheduled consultation time. The message of this show is easy but vital: Our daily lifestyle practices, such as the way we eat, sleep, think, and interact with others, play a major role in preventing and managing chronic diseases, Ms. Tanyi says.   

While statistics change every hour, it has been shown that one in three (20.8 million) adults in America suffer from high blood pressure, which is a chronic disease. Ms. Tanyi has firsthand knowledge of this as a nurse practitioner.

“This series focuses on natural lifestyle aspects of health care and disease prevention,” says Ms. Tanyi. “We show our viewers how to improve health, prevent diseases, reduce health care expenses, and minimize suffering.”

Like Bad Sugar, this show will focus on mind-body-spirit scientific-based lifestyle practices to prevent chronic diseases and improve wellness.

Lifestyle and Preventive Care Weekly Television is a forum where Ms. Tanyi can share her knowledge in helping people to live healthier and active lives. Along with being a preventive care student, she is a nurse practitioner, a medical journalist who writes and peer-reviews for academic journals, a health fitness instructor certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, and a certified nutrition specialist.

For more information about preventing chronic diseases, call (909) 495-3559, e-mail <info @preventivecareweekly.com>, or visit <www.preventivecareweekly.com>.

By Michael Conner II

TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007