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TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007

School of Dentistry news

School of Dentistry receives high marks in patient satisfaction

An anonymous survey of patient satisfaction of clinical care provided at the School of Dentistry, conducted during November and December, 2006, produced 228 responses which were returned in pre-addressed, stamped envelopes given to patients at the completion of their appointment in a student clinic.

Responses from more than 90 percent of the respondents fell in the “strongly agree” or “agree category” for 22 of the 29 categories—all positive. These categories produced the highest consonance among respondents:

The student is polite, 97 percent; honest, 96.5 percent; cheerful, 96 percent; thorough in evaluating oral condition/treatment needs, 95.6 percent; the student strives to produce excellent dental work, 96.9 percent. 

The only items on the survey indicating satisfaction from less than 90 percent of the respondents nevertheless received approval from a large majority: provision for parking, 71.6 percent; where to go in case of emergency, 80.4 percent; provision for family members, 80.7 percent; provision for speedy treatment, 84.2 percent; cost of treatment, 84.7 percent; and provision for anxiety, 89.6 percent

Patient comments included “You should be proud of your School and the caliber of students you are turning out.”

“I am a person who always had been scared to death of going to a dentist, but I am totally confident and impressed with the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and would recommend not just family but also friends to come here. The student dentist who works on me is a really terrific young man and very considerate and thoughtful during my treatments—and [the same for] your head dentists who are in charge.”

“I feel blessed and thankful to be treated in such an establishment as yours. Though I was never a smoker or drinker, I almost lost my life to oral cancer four years ago. Your staff played a key role in my healing. Thank you so much for everything.”

By Nancy Yuen

TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007