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TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007

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LLU students share research discoveries at research forum

Bryan Halverson, second year medical student and winner of the neonatology and developmental biology subspecialty award, presents his poster during the award session of the Western Medical Student Research Forum.
Bryan Halverson, second year medical student and winner of the neonatology and developmental biology subspecialty award, presents his poster during the award session of the Western Medical Student Research Forum. 
Fifteen School of Medicine students represented Loma Linda University at the Western Medical Student Research Forum held earlier this year in Monterey and Carmel. California.

The students presented clinical and basic science research projects, many of which were accomplished during their experience in the School of Medicine summer research program. The abstracts were published in the January issue of the Journal of Investigative Medicine (J Inv Med 55, 2007).

For many of these students, this was their first scientific meeting giving an oral presentation. Eleven of the seventeen presentations were given as part of the Western Medical Research Forum intermixed with physician organized presentations.

Two students, Matthew Hiersche and Michael Davis, each presented two abstracts. Both of these medical students were mentored by Subhas Gupta, MD, from the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Bryan Halverson, a second year medical student won the subspecialty award for neonatology and developmental biology with his presentation titled “The role of sonic hedgehog in the induction of chick limb regeneration/redevelopment.”

He was invited to present a poster as well as an oral presentation of his work. Mr. Halverson was mentored by Kerby Oberg, MD, PhD, from the division of human anatomy. Daniel Rogstad, an MD, PhD student and LLU student representative on the WMSRF organizing committee, chaired one of the afternoon scientific sessions.   

Loma Linda University was well represented with students presenting topics ranging from lifestyle changes following weight loss to the mechanism of DNA repair. Henry Lamberton, PsyD, associate dean for student affairs, School of Medicine, organized the  summer research program. The efforts of many clinical and basic science faculty were noted in the quality of research and presentations by Loma Linda students at this meeting. In addition to the students that presented at the meetings, several faculty attended the meetings, supporting LLU students’ presentations.

The students’ published abstracts are listed below with the presenting student’s name in bold.

Chong J.K., Power GG, Kirby LS, Conahey G, Hooper AO, Blood AB. 2007. Effects of oxygenation-deoxygenation cyclingon nitrite metaboloism in blood in vivo and ex vivo.  J Invest Med 55:s101; #148.

Davis M.A., Gabriel A, Shores J, Carter J, Gupta S. 2007. Lifestyle outcome study following body contouring in massive weight loss patients. J Invest Med 55:s103; #161.

Davis M.A., Shores J, Gabriel A, Gupta S. 2007. Photodynamic therapy combining intense pulsed light and topical 5-aminolevulinic acid for the treatment of rosacea-associated erythema. J Invest Med 55:s133; #352.

Gross J.M., Vyas S, Molinaro CA, Perez S, Millar B, Carter J, Flowers S, ThyagaRajan S, Bellinger DI. 2007. Effects of aging and the antihypertensive drug rilmenidine on nerve growth factor expression in the spleen of male F344 rats. J Invest Med 55:s99; #135.

Halverson B.E., Mishima N, Liu JJ, Pira CU, Oberg KC. 2007. The role of sonic hedgehog in the induction of chick limb regeneration/redevelopment. J Invest Med 55:s77; #9 & s106; #178.

Hiersche M.A., Shores J, Gabriel A, Rogers F, Gupta S. 2007. The Integra split-thickness skin graft “single-stage” application: A novel technique. J Invest Med 55:s133; #351.

Hiersche M.A., Shores J, Gabriel A, Gupta S. 2007. New approach to tendon coverage using Integra. J Invest Med 55:s104; #169.

Hong S., Mueller C, Magaki S, Petersen F, Kirsch WM. 2007. Apolipoprotein E genotype frequencies in a prospective study of sporadic late-onset dementia. J Invest Med 55:s99; #136.

Kang Jr., J.I., Neidigh JW, Sowers LC. 2007. Marker for inflammation-mediated histone damage involved in epigenetic regulation. J Invest Med 55:s94; #107.

Kim P.S., Macknet MR, Kimball-Jones P, Martin RD, Allard M. A prospective study to evaluate the incidence of high levels of methemoglobin in patients using a new pulse co-oximeter. J Invest Med 55:s93; #103.

Liu J.J., Mishima N, Halverson BE, Pira CU, Oberg KC. 2007. Sonic hedgehog establishes the fibroblast growth factor’s responsiveness in the limb bud SHH-FGF loop. J Invest Med 55:s105; #176.

 Lo W.W., Bravo T, Jadjav V, Titova E, Tang J, Zhang J. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase inhibition improves neurologic functions in surgically induced brain injury. J Invest Med 55:s99; #138.

McKean A.J., Fritz KS, Nelson JC Wilcox RB. 2007. An analogue-based free testosterone radioimmunoassay detects and tracks total testosterone concentrations. J Invest Med 55:s86; #64.

Monroe C.E., Liu S, Shang JH. 2007. The role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase in neuronal cell death in the setting of subarachnoid hemorrhage.  J Invest Med 55:s99; #137.

Moon P.S., Gearhart C, Fulton S, Pouyatos B, Nelson-Miller A, Fechter L. 2007. The potentiation of noise-induced hearing loss by JP-8 jet fuel in rats. J Invest Med 55:s132; #346.

Peterson B.K., Hiersche MA, Shores J, Gabriel A, Gupta S. 2007. Treatment of a recurrent and intractable keloid with excision and placement of Integra dermal matrix: Results and rationale. J Invest Med55:s133; #354.

Rogstad D.K., Herring J, Rogstad KN, Burdzy A, Sowers LC. 2007. Measuring toxicity, incorporation, and repair of 5-hydroxymethyl-2’-deoxyuridine in cells. J Invest Med 55:s94; #105.

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TODAY news for Thursday, July 30, 2007