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TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

LLUMC staff honor members for years of service at annual meeting

20 years of service
(From left) Ruthita J. Fike, CEO/administrator, LLUMC, and John Testerman, MD, medical staff president, congratulate Stanton Appleton, DDS; Stanley Brauer, MD; and Edward Elmendorf III, MD, for their 20 years of service to LLUMC.
The medical staff at Loma Linda University Medical Center honored 32 physicians at the annual medical staff meeting on June 16. Special guest Jack Lewin, MD, CEO of the California Medical Society, addressed the medical staff about the current issues facing Californian physicians.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a physician than now,” explained Dr. Lewin, a family medicine practitioner before he became head of the state organization nine years ago.   

“But it is also a very challenging time,” he continued. “It’s getting tougher for those on the frontline of primary care. I thank you here at Loma Linda for doing more than you have to—you’re already doing all you can in a remarkable way.”

Following Dr. Lewin’s remarks, James Pappas, MD, vice president for quality and immediate past president of the medical staff, passed on the gavel to John Testerman, MD, as the new president. Or, he would have if he hadn’t lost the gavel during his transition to his new position as vice president in January. Dr. Testerman has been acting president since the first of the year, and Dr. Pappas recognized him in his official capacity with a new tradition, the passing on of a hammer to build new processes to ensure quality care at LLUMC.

Dr. Testerman gave a brief highlight of the reports from the va
25 years of service
Ms. Fike and Dr. Testerman recognize John Leyman, DDS; Monica Neumann, MD; Won Bae, MD; Ramesh Bansal, MD; David McGrew, MD; and Herminia Salvador, MD, for their 25 years of service to LLUMC.
rious departments and then recognized the outstanding service of those physicians with long tenures at the Medical Center. Service years honored were:

40 years

G. Gordon Hadley, MD

35 years

Joseph R. Thompson, MD

30 years

Donald Lee Anderson, MD

B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS

Phiroze Edulji Billimoria, MD

Burton Arthur Briggs, MD

Gerald Leroy Grube, MD

Elden Dale Keeney, MD

Gerald Arthur Kirk, MD

Robert John Marsa, MD

Eloy Eduardo Schulz, MD

25 years

Won Chul Bae, MD

Ramesh Chander Bansal, MD

James David Killeen, MD

John W. Leyman, DDS

David Richard McGrew, MD

Monica M. Neumann, MD

Ravindra Rao, MD

Herminia S. Salvador, MD

Kimber Lee Schneider, MD

Orrin Howard Shattuck Jr., PA

Fred Fermin Soeprono, MD

Ingrid E. Trenkle, MD

20 years

Stanton S. Appleton, DDS

Murray E. Brandstater, MD

Stanley Douglas Brauer, MD

Edward N. Elmendorf III, MD

Arthur Jarvis Hauck, MD

James Thomas Heywood, MD

Timothy T. K. Jung, MD

Harold Vetal Racine, MD

Vilma Idaliz Torres, MD
30 years of service
Ms. Fike (left) and Dr. Testerman (middle) congratulate (from left) B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS; Burton Briggs, MD; and Gerald Grube, MD, for their 30 years of service to LLUMC.
James Pappas and Dr. Testerman
James Pappas, MD, vice president for quality, passes on the hammer to Dr. Testerman, the incoming president of the medical staff.
Dr. Testerman and Jack Lewin
Dr. Testerman (right) thanks Jack Lewin, MD, CEO of the California Medical Society, for his address.

TODAY news for Thursday, August 11, 2005