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TODAY news for Thursday, November 12, 2007

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Boards of Trustees meet for LLUAHSC, LLU, and LLUMC

Following is a summary of board actions taken during the August 27 and 28 Boards of Trustees meeting.

* * *
•    Board approves Global Health Institute

Since its inception, Loma Linda University has been committed to a global mission. The newly Board-approved Global Health Institute will provide focus, coordination, and logistical support for the many international initiatives arising from LLUAHSC entities. It will directly manage selected projects that have campus-wide involvement. It will assume responsibility for tracking global trends and security issues, interfacing with the Adventist Church structure worldwide, maintaining relations with governmental and multinational agencies, and assessing the various requests and opportunities that come to LLUAHSC. As a LLUAHSC institute, it will be responsible to the LLUAHSC president through a director, associate director(s), and management board. A global health advisory council will be established, and the institute will be administered by an executive committee. Activities of the institute will be of three primary types—support, major project management/collaboration, and partici- pating programs and projects. Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH, LLU chancellor, was appointed the director of the Global Health Institute.

•    Faculty practice plan report presented

H. Roger Hadley, MD, executive vice president for medical affairs, presented a report to the Boards of Trustees regarding the faculty practice plan. The report included information on the composition of the faculty practice plan and reporting relationships; “dashboards” for service excellence, clinical service, regional outreach, and world-class resources; quality fiscal “dashboards” for the School of Medicine corporations; professional liability; and the contributions made by the faculty practice plan to the School of Medicine in in-kind teaching. 

•    Campus renewal projects on schedule

The Centennial Complex continues on schedule. The new parking lot north of the complex will house approximately 800 spaces and is currently in use. The University Board approved use of bond financing to support expansion of the power plant and construction of a new small residence hall located adjacent to Daniells Residence Complex. Bond financing will be used for non-academic purposes only. Planning continues for a potential new dental academic campus. This would include both a dental faculty office complex and new School facility. Selection of an architectural firm for program design is underway.

•    School of Medicine proposes dividing department of pediatrics, creation of new department

The School of Medicine proposed dividing the department of pediatrics into 14 specialty divisions. This was approved. The School also recommended the creation of a department of basic sciences with four divisions: physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Together with the department of pathology and human anatomy containing the divisions of pathology and human anatomy, this makes up the basic science infrastructure for the School of Medicine.

•    Board approves new web-based programs in School of Allied Health Professions

The Board approved the following two new web-based programs in the School of Allied Health Professions: a)    an online MS in radiation science, and b) an online MS in nutritional care management.

•    CEO recognizes outgoing medical staff president

Ruthita Fike, MA, chief executive officer, recognized John Testerman, MD, PhD, for his contributions as the outgoing medical staff president. An engraved watch was presented to Dr. Testerman with much appreciation. 

•    Strategic plan reviewed

John Abendshien presented an update on Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Strategic Plan. The 2004–2009 Health Ministry Strategic Plan timetable is at the mid-point. A review and update of the strategic plan has been conducted, focusing on an analysis of changes in the external environment that may have an impact on LLUMC. The 2004 strategic plan continues to provide a solid framework and direction for development in 2007. Solid progress has been made in most significant goal areas. The major challenges that the health ministries now face are 1) keeping pace with market growth, 2) intensifying competition, 3) pressures on utilization and market, 4) changing the financial environment, and 5) caregiver capacity. The strategic priorities at the midpoint are to 1) improve patient access through expanded entry points and repositioning of primary care services, 2) achieve service distinction through renewed and expanded emphasis on development of clinical centers of excellence, 3) expand market presence in community settings by securing referral pathways and sites for teaching and research, 4) develop the clinical faculty and workforce to support teaching, patient care, and research objectives, and 5) reinforce Adventist uniqueness, leadership, and workforce values.

•    Quality report, ACGME updated

James Pappas, MD, vice president for quality, shared the results of the recent unannounced Joint Commission Survey along with the requirements for improvement. Daniel Giang, MD, vice president for medical administration, presented an ACGME update. There are 675 resident physicians and dentists, of which 625 are in ACGME-accredited programs. The institution is accredited for a full five years with all 42 residency programs being fully accredited.

TODAY news for Thursday, November 12, 2007