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TODAY news for Thursday, March 17, 2008

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Board of Trustees approve new institutional logo

The new logo, as applied to the Medical Center, is shown here. Loma Linda University will always appear on the tier 1, although the entity name on tier 2 will change.
The new logo, as applied to the Medical Center, is shown here. Loma Linda University will always appear on the tier 1, although the entity name on tier 2 will change.
Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center (LLUAHSC) announced that the Board of Trustees has approved a new institutional logo which will be launched Monday, August 11, 2008.

The logo includes a simpler, more dramatic interpretation of the icon used in the previous logo and also incorporates updated type treatments. It is part of an overall graphic standards package that will provide an updated visual identity for the organization.

LLUAHSC’s executive leadership chose this icon after extensive testing of several options among patients, students, alumni, employees, physicians and consumer groups. This group includes president and chief executive officer B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS; incoming LLUAHSC president and CEO and University chancellor Richard Hart, MD, DrPH; Ruthita Fike, MA, executive vice president, hospital affairs; H. Roger Hadley, MD, executive vice president, medical affairs; and Kevin Lang, MBA, executive vice president, finance and administration and chief financial officer.

The project began with an analysis phase in which the developing agency, CMBell Company, gathered feedback from users on the existing logo and graphic standards. This feedback, combined with an analysis of what similar organizations are doing, formed the basis for the decision to update the logo and the graphic standards.

“We learned several things during that initial information-gathering phase,” says DeLona Lang Bell, CMBell Company president. “The users wanted a logo that was easier to read and simpler to use in a broad range of applications. They believed it was time to update the logo since the current one had been in use since 1990, and most felt there were too many logos, which diminished the strength of the brand. They also wanted graphic standards with more flexibility. All of these concerns have been carefully considered in this new identity package.”

Numerous designs were developed and tested, and upon completion of the testing, the executive leadership selected the revised version of the previous icon. “We found that while the idea of having a simpler symbol resonated with us, there was no consensus on a single symbol that could adequately represent an institution as complex as ours. In the end, the many symbols which were included in our previous logo best conveyed the scope of our institution,” says Dr. Behrens.

Although the new logo uses most of the same symbols shown in the previous logo, its execution is significantly different in several ways:

• The symbols inside the icon have been simplified to enhance readability.

• The logo as a whole—which includes both the symbols and the text—is simpler and more readable.

• An option of the logo has been developed without the icon for use in small applications, where the icon would be unreadable.

• The logo now employs Loma Linda University as the master brand, which means this phrase will always appear on Tier 1 in the logo, serving as the connecting link for all entities within the system.

The graphic standards are still being developed, but they also provide for more type font options to choose from than before, as well as some resources like brochure, flyer and PowerPoint presentation templates for those who need quick layout solutions.

“It is both common and wise for an organization to update its logo and graphic standards regularly. This will be the 11th logo in our history, so it is not a new endeavor for our organization,” says Dr. Behrens. “We are pleased with the process, which has given us the opportunity to engage in discussions about our vision, our key messages, and our branding strategy, as we discussed what symbols might best represent us. That’s been valuable.”

Dr. Hart concurs. “This is an important step forward in the move to create a stronger brand for the institution. Implementing this new logo and the graphic standards will require us all to work together more closely to support a unified image, benefitting the organization as a whole, as well as individual entities.”

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TODAY news for Thursday, March 17, 2008