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TODAY news for Thursday, November 10, 2005

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GIS day to showcase health geoinformatics technology

Coming up Wednesday, November 16,  the School of Public Health is hosting an event known as GIS day. This is an annual worldwide observance in which geographic information systems (GIS) professionals open their doors to the public.

Loma Linda University will observe the event from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the health geoinformatics laboratory, located in the same building as the Randall Visitors Center.

The School of Public Health has invited numerous area schools to bring students to the lab for demonstrations, and the public is welcome to attend as well.

“This is a day we can expose people to GIS. It is still an untapped world in many ways,” says Seth Wiafe, MPH, director of the health geoinformatics academic programs and laboratory.

GIS is a technology that has many applications, but Loma Linda University applies it specifically to health care.

Called health geoinformatics, the field investigates health situations using traditional medical geography plus GIS technology. It gathers, integrates, analyzes, and spatially relates data on disease and health systems.

Mr. Wiafe points out that it is possible that even some students can graduate from Loma Linda University without having realized the educational opportunities the School of Public Health offers in health geoinformatics. He hopes that through events such as GIS day, more people will become aware of the capabilities of the technology as well as careers in health geoinformatics.

For more information about GIS day, visit or . Or individuals may call (909) 558-8750.

TODAY news for Thursday, November 10, 2005