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TODAY news for Thursday, February 11, 2008

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Trustees approve appointments, academic programs

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center

•  President Behrens announces retirement

B. Lyn Behrens, MBBS, president and chief executive officer of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, an­nounced that she will retire from her leadership positions in March of 2008 in order to spend more time with family. Dr. Behrens became president of Loma Linda University in 1990, is the longest-serving president, and is the first woman to serve as president.

The Board of Trustees appointed a search committee to identify a successor. The committee is looking for a leader with a demonstrated track record in team building who is a Seventh-day Adventist, who is committed to the mission, and who understands the uniqueness of academic health care institutions. The Board hopes to name the successor at the time of the February Board.

Prior to her retirement announcement, Dr. Behrens presented the president’s report, “A Glimpse of the Future.” The report focused on the ABC’s of the future, which are to:

•     Actualize the Academic Health Sciences Center (education, health care, research). A focus that balances integration and autonomy must be maintained. There must also be a focus on quality across the institution in all entities including satisfied clients, accessibility, financial effectiveness, and excellent outcomes.

•  Build the Future with a focus on world-class resources that include facilities, information technology, equipment, “bottom line” success, and success in philanthropy.

•  Center the Community and Culture on Christ. The unique educational agenda should continue training students not to pursue position, power, prestige, pleasure, possession, or passion, but to seek their own wholeness and practice whole-person care. Further, there should be a focus on people who make the mission the priority. This focus will include a strategic people plan developed and implemented to keep LLUAHSC distinctively and joyfully Adventist, and continuing the focus on leadership development plans and filling open positions.

She emphasized that LLUAHSC has the opportunity and responsibility to touch a hurting world for God by bringing health, healing, wholeness, and hope to humanity.

•   New Trustee welcomed

The bylaws for LLUAHSC, LLU, and LLUMC stipulate that the president of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists serve as an ex officio member of the Boards of Trustees. Upon the retirement of Thomas Mostert, Ricardo Graham, DMin, the incoming president of the Pacific Union, was welcomed to the Boards of Trustees effective January 1, 2008.

•  Board members tour Centen­nial Complex

On Tuesday afternoon, De­cember 11, the Board members took a tour of the construction site for the new Centennial Complex. Following the tour, a dinner took place honoring the Centennial Complex campaign steering committee and Carolyn Cales, MA, executive director of philanthropy for LLU capital campaigns, who has moved to Florida for personal and professional reasons. Pacific Union Conference president Thomas Mostert was also honored for his 29 years of service on the Boards at Loma Linda.

•  New Trustee conflicts of interest policy approved

In the past, members of the Boards of Trustees have complied with the campus-wide conflict of interest policy. However, because “best practices” indicate that trustees should have their own policy, the Boards of Trustees adopted a new Trustee conflicts of interest policy that includes disabling guidelines. This new policy will be first utilized in 2008.

Loma Linda University

•  Office formed to coordinate community health activities

A LLUAHSC office to coordinate community health activities was formed with the appointment of Leslie Pollard, PhD, and Juan Carlos Belliard, PhD, MPH, to the positions of vice chancellor and assistant vice chancellor, respectively, for community engagement and diversity. This is in addition to their roles in the office of diversity and will complement their current activities.

•  Faculty processing of


Emeritus Appointments

Charles H. Brinegar Jr. MD; emeritus associate professor, department of medicine, School of Medicine; effective 8/1/07.

George T. Javor, PhD; emeritus research professor, department of biochemistry and microbiology, School of Medicine; effective 10/16/07.

John E. Peterson, DDS; emeritus professor, department of pediatric dentistry, School of Dentistry; effective 10/18/07.

Academic Administrative Appointments

Richard Blanco, MBA; assistant director, educational affairs, department of health policy and management, School of Public Health; effective 11/13/07.

Alan C. Connelly, MBA; assistant dean, finance, School of Pharmacy; effective 8/19/07.

Miriam E. Domingo, MBA; assistant dean, finance, School of Science and Technology; effective 9/15/07.

Subhas Gupta, MD; chair, department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, School of Medicine; effective 12/12/07.

V. Leroy Leggitt, DDS; program director, advanced education, department of orthodontics, School of Dentistry; effective 10/14/07.

Rafael Molina, MEd; director, educational affairs, department of health policy and management, School of Public Health; effective 9/30/07.

Anees J. Razzouk, MD; chair, department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, School of Medicine; effective 12/12/07.

Antonio E. Robles, MD; interim chair, department of general and trauma surgery, School of Medicine; effective 11/1/07.

Herbert C. Ruckle, MD; chair, department of urology, School of Medicine; effective 12/12/07.

Alfred Simental, MD; chair, department of otolaryngology & head and neck surgery, School of Medicine; effective 12/12/07.

Randall W.D. Skoretz, DMin; director, advancement, School of Public Health; effective 9/1/07.

D. Graham Stacey, PhD; associate dean, student affairs, School of Dentistry; effective 7/1/08.

Susan A. Walters, MA; assistant dean, academic affairs, School of Science and Tech­nology; effective 8/1/07.

Barry E. Watkins, MD; head, division of hand surgery, department of orthopaedic surgery, School of Medicine; effective 5/1/07.

Seth A. Wiafe, MPH; acting chair, department of environmental and occupational health, School of Public Health; effective 8/31/07.

•    Strategic plan approved

The University Strategic Plan for 2008 was approved by the Board. This is a “rolling” strategic plan that is updated each year and guides the University in its campus planning.

•  Trustees approve new

academic programs

The Board of Trustees voted to approve the following new academic programs:

a) Master of science in nutrition and dietetics, School of Allied Health Professions

b) Master of science in orth­otics and prosthetics, School of Allied Health Professions

c) Master of science in dentistry, School of Dentistry

d) RN to MS transitional program, School of Nursing

e) Advanced dentistry combined programs:

Periodontics/implant dentistry (University certificate)

Prosthodontics/implant dentistry (University certificate)


•   Name change approved

It was voted to approve a name change for a program in the School of Science and Tech­nology from BS in “environmental and earth systems science” to BS in “environmental sciences.”

•   Opportunity to exchange degrees approved

After some years of conferring the doctor of physical therapy science (DPTSc) degree, the School of Allied Health Professions was approved to retroactively offer those graduates the opportunity to exchange their degree for the doctor of science (DSc) degree, which is the current national pattern for this discipline.

•    WASC update

The University’s previously listed 17 “student learning outcomes” have been reduced to nine and will guide the WASC assessment and accreditation process. They are:

Outcome 1: Students understand and apply the University philosophy of wholeness into their personal and professional lives.

Outcome 2: Students understand the importance of integrating LLU’s Christ-centered values in their personal and professional lives.

Outcome 3: Students can demonstrate critical thinking.

Outcome 4: Students develop a commitment to discovery and life-long learning.

Outcome 5: Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.       

Outcome 6: Students will demonstrate effective English written communication skills.

Outcome 7: Students will demonstrate effective use of technology appropriate to the discipline.

Outcome 8: Students understand the importance of embracing and serving a diverse world.

Outcome 9: Students demonstrate the importance of collaborating with others within and across disciplines.

•   Financial reports approved

Financial reports were re­ceived and the University is doing better than budget thus far for the 2007–2008 fiscal year. The audit for June 2007 has been completed and shows one of the largest increases in total net assets at the University.

Since its inception at the former Norton Air Force Base, the Social Action Com­munity Health System (SACHS) has been subsidized by the Uni­versity. These funds of nearly $4 million have been amortized from the University and SACHS accounts.

•   Enrollment report presented; tuition fees approved

Enrollment for fall quarter 2007 is 4,074 head count and 3,489 FTE. These numbers reflect a continued growth in all Schools. Tuition and fees for the 2008–2009 academic year were approved.

On the average, these represent approximately a 4 to 6 percent increase. Individual Schools have been allowed to adjust their rates to match national trends.

•   Remodel plans approved

The Board approved a request by the School of Dentistry to remodel the prosthodontic clinic with funds that are already in hand.

•   Board approves purchase

The Board approved the purchase of an apartment complex located on Prospect Street within the strategic growth zone of the University. Units will primarily be used for student housing.

Loma Linda University

Medical Center

•   CEO’s remarks

Ruthita Fike, MA, chief executive officer, introduced Jonathan Goh, the new executive director for international services, as well as Kathy Clem, MD, new chair and chief of service in emergency medicine. Mr. Goh comes to LLUMC with a long history in health care, coming from another hospital as a former CFO. Dr. Clem has a rich background in emergency medicine and comes to us from Duke University.

•   PossAbilities update presented

Michael Jackson, MPH, senior vice president and administrator for East Campus, gave an update on the recent PossAbilities event. Most of the people who attended the event are on fixed incomes or have no income due to their injury. He shared slide pictures of the well-attended and inspirational event.

•   Quality report presented

James Pappas, MD, vice president for quality, shared the Gallup Q12 employee survey follow-up, the Gallup patient loyalty survey­­­­­ data and trends, an overview of the physician engagement survey, and the status of the patient care process innovation project.

•   Financial report given

Steve Mohr, MBA, senior vice president for finance, presented the November 2007 financials. Operations in November were under budget by approximately $1.1 million ($2.8 million actual versus $3.9 million budget). Lower than budgeted earnings are primarily due to a negative $3 million mark-to-market charge on the interest rate hedge, partially offset by additional disproportionate share revenue and a positive inventory adjustment. Manage­ment anticipates a minimum net margin of $42 million for 2007 and will continue to focus on maintaining a positive census and containing costs.

•   Medical staff report

David Bland, MD, medical staff president, presented an update on the medical staff initial appointments and resignations. The data was available from 1976 through 2007. The data showed the total medical staff hired, as well as the total resignations.

•   Pediatric / maternal academic health center update

Zareh Sarrafian, MBA, administrator, Children’s Hos­pital, gave an update on the pediatric maternal academic health center (PMAC).

Mr. Sarrafian reviewed the following: the selection process for the Smith Group along with their credentials; and the overall process which included the work plan, analysis of data collection, visioning, programming, master planning of off-site utilities and infrastructure and on-site planning, PMAC hospital, lab, city of Loma Linda and CEQA-EIR entitlements, design, and construction­­.

TODAY news for Thursday, February 11, 2008