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TODAY news for Thursday, February 11, 2008

School of Nursing news

Global partnerships seminar brings nurses together

Attendees to the ninth Global Partnership in Nursing project held in Chiangmai, Thailand, pose for a picture.
Attendees to the ninth Global Partnership in Nursing project held in Chiangmai, Thailand, pose for a picture.
Patricia S. Jones, PhD, RN, professor of nursing, and director of the office of international nursing at Loma Linda University School of Nursing, believes that all Seventh-day Adventist nurses are part of one system that should assist each other.

“Adventist hospitals and schools of nursing around the world face great challenges,” says  Dr. Jones.

To help combat these challenges, Dr. Jones and her colleagues developed the Global Partnerships in Nursing project.

The project, which began in 1999, is designed to increase interaction and sharing among Seventh-day Adventist professional nurses, nurse educators, and nursing administrators on a global scale.

“This project has been continuously and solely funded by the Ralph and Carolyn Thomp­son Charitable Foun­dation,” says Dr. Jones. “Without the partnership and vision of these two friends of the School of Nursing, this project could not be accomplished.

Dr. Ralph Thompson is a 1951 graduate of the School of Medicine, and Ms. Carolyn Thompson is a 1949 graduate of the School of Nursing.

Ms. Thompson has participated in every conference since 2000.

Dr. and Ms. Thompson believe that their involvement in the program is almost more rewarding for them than for the nurses who attend.

“We love doing it,” says Ms. Thompson. “It is so fulfilling to help nurses in other countries; to see them come together for the first time, to form an international network, and to function as a global system.”

The conferences have consistently centered around a common theme—wholistic nursing care, a shared mission among Seventh-day Adventist nurses.

At the most recent conference, held in Chiangmai, Thailand, August 28 through 30, 2007, the focus was on developing a wholistic Adventist framework for nursing education.

This is the second Global Partnerships in Nursing conference held in Chiangmai. The first conference in 1999 was also held there.

Previous conferences have been held in Brazil, China, South Africa, Romania, and England.

Institutions from across the globe send delegates to the conferences. There is no cost to the delegates for registration or for their room and board.

Attendees at the Chiangmai conference came from Peru, Australia, and New Guinea, as well as many Asian countries. In addition, attendees receive CEU credit.

The next Global Partnerships in Nursing will take place in Africa in 2009.

By Dustin Jones, MA

TODAY news for Thursday, February 11, 2008