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TODAY news for Thursday, May 12, 2008

School of Medicine news

Devotional book being planned by School of Medicine

A devotional book commemorating Loma Linda University School of Medicine’s centennial celebration is being planned, according to H. Roger Hadley, MD, dean, School of Medicine.

To commemorate the School of Medicine’s 100th year anniversary, the School is compiling “stories” that collectively will become a daily devotional book titled Morning Rounds.

“As a medical student, alumnus, resident, attending physician, teacher of medical stu­- dents, staff member in the School of Med­icine, or someone who is affiliated with the operations of the School of Medicine, you may have experienced times when an incident occurred, a situation evolved, or something noteworthy happened that gave pause to think of its Christian implications,” Dr. Hadley says.

“Maybe it inspired you, or provided you insight about life’s lessons, or was just a good learning experience.

“Whatever the source, it probably made a lasting spiritual impression, and we invite you to share this event with your colleagues in the health care field.”

Individuals interested in participating in the project should submit their stories promptly (with a selected date during the 2009 year for the story to appear, if there is a date preference).

“Maybe you have a birthday, anniversary, or some other day that is important to you,” Dr. Hadley notes. “Please make a note of why you selected that date, as this will be included in the publication.”

Dates will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

The devotional should be approximately 400 to 500 words and may be submitted by e-mail to <somcentennial@llu.edu>, faxed to (909) 558-0292, or mailed to Morning Rounds, c/o Alice Wongworawat, 11175 Campus Street, Coleman Pavilion A1116, Loma Linda, California 92350.

Submissions also may be submitted on the Loma Linda website at <www.llu.edu/llu/medicine/somcentennial> by June 15. An editorial board will review all submissions.

“Our goal is to have this very special devotional printed by November 2008, so that it will be available for distribution prior to January 1, 2009,” Dr. Hadley says.

By Richard Weismeyer

TODAY news for Thursday, May 12, 2008