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TODAY news for Thursday, April 14, 2008

Loma Linda University news

LLU Center for Christian Bioethics begins new ethics essay contest

Prolific writers across the campus of Loma Linda University are about to sharpen their pencils. Starting this quarter, the Center for Christian Bioethics is accepting entries into its new Claritás, Clarity in Ethics Essay Contest.

The essay should be 1,500 words in length on a topic chosen by the Center for Christian Bioethics. The topic for 2008 is “Physician-assisted suicide: good for society or not?” Any active, full-time student in any program on campus may enter the essay contest.

All essays will have personal and program identity masked before the judges read them. The judges will evaluate each essay in the following areas: grammar, structure, and format; clarity of the student’s position on the topic at hand; recognition of alternative positions on the topic at hand; and relative strength of the student’s position in relation to alternatives.

The judges will narrow the field to the top two essays. These finalists will read their papers at the fall Contributor’s Convocation. After they have both read their papers, the contributors will convene to vote on winner and runner-up status. Awards will then be presented to the students. A simple majority vote will decide winner and runner-up status.

The winner of the contest will receive an award of $1,000 and a round-trip ticket anywhere Alaska Airlines flies; the runner up will receive $750 and 20,000 miles credit toward a ticket on Alaska Airlines.

Deadline for submission of essays is October 17, 2008, and the awards will be presented on November 8. Authors must be present to win the award.

The Claritás, Clarity in Ethics Essay Contest is sponsored by Loma Linda University Center for Christian Bioethics and its associated scholars across the LLU campus.

The scholars include Anika Ball, Leigh Aveling, Beryl Bull, Debra Craig, Willie Davis, Donna Carlson-Reeve, Brian Foxworth, Sharon Fraser, Robert Kiger, Andy Lampkin, David Larson, Gina Mohr, Elizabeth Taylor Johnston, James Walters, Ruthanne Williams, and Gerald Winslow.

By Dustin R. Jones, MA

TODAY news for Thursday, April 14, 2008