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TODAY news for Thursday, April 14, 2008

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Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS)

LLU in action
The Community Kids Connection (CKC) Saturday program is a wonderful program in the city of San Bernardino where children ages 5–15 enjoy making friends with fellow children from their community and volunteers from Loma Linda University. As the CKC Saturday coordinator, I have truly been blessed to have the opportunity to see each child enjoy sports, singing, arts and crafts, and learning about God. I am also glad that the program can be a place where volunteers enjoy serving children and can get a chance to be kids for a day!

This program has been a great impact in my life because it has increased my trust in God and given me joy. I actually was going through a difficult time with losing someone special in my life before I started CKC, but just through opening my heart to these kids and serving them, I have been filled with so much joy and purpose. Every week I look forward to Saturdays because I know that I will get another chance to hear the kids sadly say “It’s time to leave already?” and the volunteers happily say,“ I had a great time, this was so much fun!” Knowing that these children are hearing about God’s love for them also excites me because I pray that they will desire to love God more and seek a relationship with him for the rest of their lives. Finally, through serving weekly I am reminded that this is what life is all about, loving other people and serving one another continuously.

Upcoming community events
• Community Kids Connection Saturday—April 12, 2008: Come enjoy a morning of games, fun, and playing with kids, LLU students, and community members as we explore the Bible, health, and having fun! For more information contact Cynthia Ortega at <cortega@llu.edu>. 

• Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration—April 13: Annual community-based health fair led by LLU students at the SACHS Norton Clinic. All proceeds go toward supporting the Healthy Neighborhood Projects. Volunteers can contribute through various ways: i.e. help man the booths, translate, etc. Contact  <hnchealthfair@gmail.com> to get involved! See poster below.

• Blood Drive—Sign up to donate blood in San Bernardino April 7–11, right after Week of Devotion Chapel at noon out on the lawn by the Good Samaritan.

• Norton Neighborhoods Gardens—The CKC Tutoring and Mentoring at the Norton Gardens site resumes Tuesday, April 8, at 4:30 p.m. Contact Dr. Graybill at (909) 910-9339 or <rgraybill@healthycities.com> for more information.

• Relay for Life—April 12 and 13, 2008: Join the LLU School of Public Health Team for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Redlands. Together they will raise money to help prevent cancer and save lives. For more information contact Cynthia Ortega at <cortega@llu.edu>.

• Food Box Ministry—Students, faculty, and community partners are invited to join LLUSA in bringing food to the San Bernardino Mission April 19. For more information contact Jen Lopez at <LLUSAcommunity@llu.edu>.

LLU student-led projects
• SACHS Student Community Clinic—A student-led health clinic at SACHS Norton facility focusing on the uninsured population of San Bernardino County. SSCC provides medical care, pharmaceutical advice and education, and behavioral health counseling and assistance. LLU students can volunteer through their respective school by contacting their school’s coordinator, or Matthew Hiersche at <mhiersche@llu.edu>.

• Youth Action Project, Inc. (YAP)—Looking for LLU students that want to make a difference in the lives of San Bernardino students as AmeriCorps Peer tutors or community engagement specialists. For more information contact the <youthactionproject@yahoo.com> or call (909) 885-6880.

• Students for Social Change—SSC is a group of students committed to bringing awareness to our campus and community of the human rights abuses occurring worldwide. We envision a world in which every person is treated with dignity and justice, and we will work to ensure this through various campaigns and community involvement. To find out more, e-mail <cvanginkel@llu.edu>.

New CAPS website
For all these program details, as well as a listing of Inland Empire community events and health fairs in 2008 from Molina Health Care, check our new website: www.llu.edu/caps

TODAY news for Thursday, April 14, 2008