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TODAY news for Thursday, June 30, 2008

School of Medicine news

Innerweave: The Wholeness Story

Wil Alexander, PhD
Wil Alexander, PhD
This past weekend I had the unique privilege of taking part in a special event conducted by high Army officials, on the occasion of advancing an LLU medical school graduate, Dr. Loree Sutton, from colonel to brigadier general. Loree has moved rather quickly through the Army’s ranks and is now assigned to a special detail, that of helping returning soldiers get the treatments they need for the dreaded post-traumatic stress disorder.

I had the privilege of offering the invocation for the service, and thought you might be interested in what I prayed:

The Physician’s Prayer

Loving Lord,

In these moments before Colonel Sutton goes from this awesome ceremony to be with ill and hurting people, may it be that out of all the thoughts, the words, the deeds, the silences of where she will move, and out of the mystery and wonder of being a physician, and a general in our Army, Your voice will speak to her in ever-deepening ways to help her to know how much a tired, traumatized, and very sick, yet wonderful world, needs what You can do through her.

Help her to know that there are words of truth and healing that may never be spoken unless she speaks them, and acts of compassion and care that may never be done unless she does them.

Help her as a good soldier and servant healer never to mistake success for victory, or failure for defeat.

Help her to tolerate times of not knowing, not curing, and not healing.

Help her to face the reality of her sometime powerlessness and her need of Your strength and power.

Help her to remember that behind every smile lurks a tear; in every hug, loneliness; in every friendship, distance; and in all forms of light, darkness; and that without You and without love there is only the loneliness, the tear, the distance, and the darkness.

As she goes now to help You heal Your war-ravaged world,  may her heartbeat be warm and her own, may her hopes not be crushed or wasted, may her love not be shattered, may her commitment not be broken, all for Your glory and our good.


By Wil Alexander, PhD
Professor of family medicine, School of Medicine

TODAY news for Thursday, June 30, 2008