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TODAY news for Thursday, April 28, 2008

Loma Linda University news

XRtainment® is coming to LLU Drayson Center

A Loma Linda University graduate has come up with an innovative way to help children (and adults) be more active while having fun.

Ernie Medina Jr., DrPH, a preventive care graduate of the LLU School of Public Health in 1993, is bringing his innovative ideas to LLU Drayson Center.

XRtainment® employs a variety of video games that require vigorous movement to operate.

Riding on the video game craze among young people, this new concept also encourages them to be active, helping to curb pediatric obesity.

A selection of the following attractions will be featured at the new XRtainment® facility, soon to open at LLU Drayson Center: Makato™, Sportwall™, Eye­Toy™, Dance Dance Revolution™, Bouldering Wall™, GameBike™, Trazer™, Kilowatt™, 3Kick™, and the Jackie Chan Fitness Studio™.

Parents who would like to work out, or take part in a sport or recreational activity at Drayson Center may want to consider a membership for one or more of their children as an excellent child care option.

Adults and children alike will enjoy the variety of activities available, as well as the refreshments that will be for sale.

The new XRtainment® facility will be located in the student lounge area of Drayson Center.

A similar facility is already serving the Redlands area.

During the summer, a summer camp option is being developed by Dr. Medina and his associates.

Watch for announcements regarding these new options for active fun at Drayson Center.

TODAY news for Thursday, April 28, 2008