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TODAY news for Thursday, April 28, 2008

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LLU students, alumni help raise $87,000 for Global Partners projects

School of Public Health faculty member Stewart Albertson, JD, LLM, auctions off a photo taken by Darrell Petersen, a Loma Linda University student and employee. The photo sold for $270.
School of Public Health faculty member Stewart Albertson, JD, LLM, auctions off a photo taken by Darrell Petersen, a Loma Linda University student and employee. The photo sold for $270.
Global Partners is a student-driven program that seeks to change lives by helping to implement international outreach projects. It adopts the philosophy that the true measure of greatness is not determined by what one accomplishes, but by what he or she gets others to accomplish. This is done by connecting LLU students and alumni of passion, vision, and initiative for service with like-minded individuals who are able to successfully initiate, manage, and complete global development initiatives.

The vision of Global Partners is to effect positive and lasting change by motivating those with access to resources to invest in programs that will make a difference in the lives of others. The mission of Global Partners is to promote poverty reduction, social progress, and improved living standards by providing financial resources along with technical assistance.

In the past four years, Global Partners has worked with dozens of organizations in numerous countries on a variety of projects, totaling almost $500,000. Global Partners projects have included the construction of housing, clinics, dialysis centers, and dormitories, as well as infrastructure activities such as water, sanitation, and irrigation projects.

Global Partners has also established micro-enterprise projects that support local communities, conducted research, provided training, organized conferences, vaccinated children, and provided tuition assistance.

Global Partners is supported by School of Public Health (SPH) end
These are a few of the artifacts that were sold at the Global Partners fundraiser auction.
These are a few of the artifacts that were sold at the Global Partners fundraiser auction.
owments. Some of the endowments are donor-controlled, while some have been set up to fulfill a specific need or purpose designated by the donor. There is also much community support, as evidenced by the fact that $20,000 was raised for projects in a single evening. Every dollar contributed goes toward the support of an approved project that was selected, developed, and directed by students, faculty, and alumni.

The Global Partners fundraiser on March 29, 2008, capped off a year of student and alumni fundraising for global development projects that totaled $30,000 and $57,000 respectively. At the fundraiser, dinner was served, students and alumni presented projects, donors made contributions to the projects, and then the auction began.

Stewart Albertson, JD, LLM, an SPH faculty member, auctioned off a wide variety of items. Cynthia Ortega, an SPH student who also happens to be an artist, volunteered to paint a portrait for the highest bidder, which went for $500. Laura Alipoon, EdD, MS, a faculty member in the School of Allied Health Professions, donated one of her original paintings, which sold for almost $200. A framed photograph by Darrell Peterson, an LLU MBA student and LLU employee, auctioned off for $270. These are just a sampling of the more than 100 items sold that evening.

Gina Newell, SPH student, helped raise $10,000 for a harvest project on the grounds of Yuka hospital and at Rusungu clinic in Zambia, which will provide food and additional revenues. The garden projects will be managed by Edward Martin, Adventist Health International–Zambia executive director and an SPH alumnus, who currently lives in Zambia.

Tramy Nguyen, a School of Nursing student, a registered nurse at LLUMC,  and founder of Another Chance 4 Kids <www. anotherchance4kids.org/>  raised more than $7,000 to build a computer lab at the School for the Deaf in Bao Loc, Vietnam, and a learning center, and to vaccinate children at the Can Thanh School of Disabled Children in Can Gio, Vietnam.

Donor Michael Reid, CRNA, board member of Another Chance 4 Kids, served as a student missionary in 1985 for one year in Thailand, teaching English and Bible.

“I would volunteer at the refugee camps on the weekends to work with Vietnamese, Cam­bodians, and Laotians, etc.,” he says. “My heart felt for the wonderful people in this area. After returning to the U.S., I decided to sponsor a child, which I have been doing for the past 21 years. Another Chance 4 Kids gives me the opportunity to become more personally involved with an organization to help children. It is my pleasure to support LLU Global Partners program to accomplish its mission.”

Sara Buxton, an LLU MBA student, raised almost $7,000 to build an Interim Care Facility to support Karen tribe refugees, victims of an ongoing genocide in Myanmar, at the Bamboo School in Bong Ti, Thailand, a mile from the Myanmar border.

April Buckins and Joy Richardson, LLU MBA students, have raised almost $6,000 of the $10,000 needed to build a community center in Karfe, Ethiopia; it will serve the community by promoting healthy lifestyles, providing meals for the homeless, and providing job training for the unemployed.

Camille Browne, SPH alumna and LLUMC employee, raised almost $7,000 to improve the water system at Mugenero Hospital in Rwanda. Don Gaede, SPH faculty member and Adventist Health International board member, will be visiting Rwanda next month and coordinating the project.

Pooja Goel, SPH alumna, adjunct faculty member, and current director of special projects at DaVita, worked with Bridge of Life, the non-profit arm of Davita, the second largest dialysis provider in the United States, to establish dialysis centers in areas of need around the world. They have completed projects in Ecuador and Cameroon, and this summer will travel to Rajasthan, India, to complete the $50,000 dialysis project that has been supported by Global Partners.

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TODAY news for Thursday, April 28, 2008