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TODAY news for Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Desmyrna Taylor receives award at spiritual life leadership banquet

Desmyrna Taylor, MPT, and Gerald R. Winslow, PhD
Desmyrna Taylor, MPT, receives her award from Gerald R. Winslow, PhD, vice president for spiritual life & wholeness.
During the spiritual life leadership banquet, held September 19, Desmyrna Taylor, MPT, was given special recognition for her excellence in spiritual leadership.

“When we started the spiritual life and wholeness committee for Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, I sought volunteers who were willing, even eager, to help with out plans for all of LLUAHSC and Desmyrna volunteered,” said Gerald R. Winslow, PhD, vice president of spiritual life & wholeness, LLUAHSC, at the banquet.

According to Dr. Winslow, the banquet represented a historic occasion in that it was the first time to assemble those who provide spiritual leadership in the University schools and the various health care entities. The main purpose of the banquet was to say thank you to the spiritual leadership on this campus for their part in accomplishing the very heart of LLU’s mission to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.

The banquet also was a time to recognize Ms. Taylor’s contributions to encouraging spirituality in her School and on campus.

For eight years, until she retired from full-time teaching and administration this summer, Ms. Taylor chaired the spiritual life and wholeness committee for the School of Allied Health Professions.

During this time she organized the weekly Lunch Power programs, which combine lunch with a message from an invited speaker. During six of these years, Ms. Taylor also organized the spiritual retreat for the School.

In her LLUAHSC role, she helped on the committee that developed the creative work that was distributed throughout the organization last year, titled Our Mission, Our Stories—A Devotional Journal.

In her own area of teaching (physical therapy assistant) she developed or continued a number of innovative programs, including the “wholeness incorporated now” program, which encourages students to develop a balanced life with a spiritual center, and the “thought for the week” program where a message of encouragement is placed each week in students’ mailboxes.

She also helped to develop a much appreciated day planner that incorporates not only the School’s important dates, but also carefully selected spiritual messages and suggestions for activities.

Beyond such work for the campus, Ms. Taylor has been one of those Good Samaritans who exemplifies the mission of Loma Linda University off campus. For several years now, she has made what she calls her “food run,” in which she collects food from several organizations and makes it available to those who have special needs. By now this work has provided many thousands of pounds of food to those in need.

“So, Professor Taylor, this evening we thank you for what we recognize as the kind of service that exemplifies our mission to further the ministry of Jesus,” said Dr. Winslow.

TODAY news for Thursday, December 1, 2005