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TODAY news for Thursday, September 24, 2004

Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center news

Drayson Center hosts poolside senior luau

The planning committee
Members of the senior advisory and planning committee plan the August 20 senior luau with Marion Swenson (on left, facing camera).
Hawaiian casual and beach wear were the style for the poolside Loma Linda University Drayson Center senior luau, held on August  20, 2004.

“We had 110 Drayson Center seniors and 20 of their guests sign in,” comments new senior coordinator Marion Swenson. “But I personally think that more than 200 seniors actually came.”

The event, which began at 9:00 a.m. and went until 12:00 noon, included a variety of activities, entertainment, and food.

Ron Cronk, Drayson Center intramurals and recreation manager, organized some willing seniors into teams for some water games.

A short time later, the seniors gathered in Harder Park to dedicate a new state-of-the-art horseshoe-pitching area. Several expert horseshoe pitchers from the area gave a brief demonstration.

The food arrived mi
Two men playing horseshoe
Several local horseshoe pitching experts were on-hand during the grand opening of the horseshoe venue, demonstrating various techniques.
d-morning, catered by Najwa Medina, head of University Catering, and her crew.

The Loma Linda Ukulele Strummers, a community group led by Joan and Ric Revel, provided a special program in Drayson Center’s Collins Conference Room.

In addition to several patriotic numbers, the group added to the Hawaiian theme with the songs, “Lovely Hula Hands,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Pearly Shells,” and “Aloha Oe.”

Pat Gillies, a member of the Senior Advisory and Planning Committee (SAPC), presented aerobics instructor Romy Niblack with a card signed by participants in her classes, and thanked everyone for coming.

SAPC is a 20-member working committee which helps plan and implement programs and events planned by the senior coordinator.

Ms. Swenson assumed the role of senior coordinator in August of 2004.
Water volleyball
Water activities were supervised by Drayson Center intramurals and recreation manager Ron Cronk (standing in background with safari hat).

TODAY news for Thursday, September 24, 2004