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TODAY news for Thursday, May 5, 2005

Loma Linda University Medical Center news

Loma Linda International Heart Institute displays Redlands Art Association pieces to create a soothing patient atmosphere

Photo of watercolor
Rock Creek Falls, a watercolor by Evelyn Ifft
Visitors and patients to the Loma Linda International Heart Institute are noticing new artwork on display in Schuman Pavilion. All the works featured are pieces created by local artists and on loan from the Redlands Art Association. Lynn Pappas, executive director of the International Heart Institute and cardiac service line director, is pleased to utilize the patient reception area to the art association to help emphasize the connection between art and healing.

“I need art that is soothing for our patients,” says Ms. Pappas of her initial conversations with the Redlands Art Association president Ken Carmine in early January. The art debuted at the open house of the Women’s Heart Clinic on February 9, 2005.

“Because it is a clinical environment, we wanted colors to reflect positive feelings,” agreed Mr. Carmine. “It’s kind of like art as therapy. Visually, people are touched by art.”

The heart clinic and the art association have an agreement to display art at the clinic, with new pieces introduced for viewing each quarter. The art displayed on the pediatric side is appropriate for children with a whimsical theme. The adult side display focuses more on landscapes and floral subjects. All the art on display is for sale through the Redlands gallery, located at 215 East State Street in downtown Redlands.

“It’s all local, homegrown,” says Mr. Carmine of the art and the artists who created the pieces on display. “This fulfills part of our outreach in connecting with the community to provide that opportunity to view art fresh and alive.”

“It’s not a new concept,” says Sandy Davies, publicist for the Redlands Art Association. “Nobody wants to stare at blank walls.” 

Ms. Davies is pleased to see how the art at the International Heart Institute has developed into a mini-exhibition that can help patients feel upbeat when they visit. Art is a natural venue for patients and family members.  It provides the opportunity to focus on something interesting and beautiful.

“Our mission is to promote art through education and example,” Ms. Davies says. Part of that example is to remind people that art is everywhere. Another part is through education at classes at the gallery and events like Art in the Park on May 7 and 8 at Smiley Park in Redlands.

TODAY news for Thursday, May 5, 2005