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TODAY news for Thursday, January 26, 2006

School of Public Health news

‘Healthy People 2006’ explores factors impacting our children

Few groups face more risks than children, vulnerable in today’s world to threats such as disease, poor influences, predators, even, in some cases, an overabundance of food.

In 2006, Healthy People, an annual public health conference put on by the School of Public Health, will explore the familial, social, spiritual, and environmental risk and protective factors that impact children and youth in today’s world. Specific topics range from risks such as obesity, violence, and Internet pornography to protective factors such as social support, spirituality, and culture.

The March 7 to 9 conference takes place on the LLU campus at Wong Kerlee International Conference Center. It is open to anyone interested in the well-being of children—educators, health professionals, social workers, law enforcement, researchers, parents, clergy, and others.

Presenters come from across the United States and bring with them expertise in a wide variety of fields related to children’s well-being. Tuesday, March 7, will be devoted to youth: risk and resiliency. Wednesday, March 8, will address social environment. Thursday, March 9, will be about childhood obesity.

Conference goers can sign up to receive continuing education credit for chaplains, health educators, marriage and family therapists, physicians, registered dietitians, registered nurses, and social workers.

The conference cost depends on several factors. The regular professional rate, which includes continuing education credits and two complimentary banquet tickets, is $385. The fee for the general public and alumni is $195. The student rate is $25, and the rate for a single day is $95. Optional charges may apply, such as for a certificate of attendance, continuing education credits, and banquet admission.

Visit <www.healthypeoplecon ference.org> for a complete list of speakers, program schedule, and fees.

Or contact coordinator Venice Brown at (909) 558-4595 (on campus, extension 44595) or (800) 854-5661 or <vbrown@llu.edu>.

Healthy People is an annual conference that has attracted participants from Australia, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia in addition to North America.

By Heather Reifsnyder

TODAY news for Thursday, January 26, 2006