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TODAY news for Thursday, February 9, 2006

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Center for Christian Bioethics continues lectures in February

S. Cromwell Crawford, PhD, will be the speaker for the February 16 Jack W. Provonsha Lecture Series held in Randall Visitors Center, at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Crawford joined the University of Hawaii where he has had a long and distinguished career as professor and now chair of the department of religion. Dr. Crawford has been involved in several research projects abroad in places such as London, Bombay, and Brazil.

His publications are numerous and varied but focus primarily on Hindu bioethics, world religions, and global ethics.

Abdulaziz Sachedina, PhD, will be the presenter for the February 23 Provonsha Lecture Series also held at Randall Visitors Center, 7:00 p.m.

With an MA/PhD from the University of Toronto, and having lectured widely across the globe, Dr. Sachedina is internationally known and respected in his field. He is currently professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia and a core member of the “Islamic Roots of Demographic Pluralism” project in the CSIS preventative diplomacy program and a key contributor to the program’s efforts to link religion to universal needs and values in the service of peace-building.

Dr. Sachedina’s numerous articles can be found in various journals and publications in addition to encyclopedia’s and dictionaries.

In February 2005, California legislators introduced assembly bill 654, the California Compassionate Choice Act, shaped in the image of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. Although the bill was recently sent back to committee, this legislation was written with the intent to move Californian society in the direction of allowing physicians to help patients end their lives. Several questions arose from this: Do we want our society to move in this direction? Could there be reasonable Christian arguments to support this legislation? What of other religious perspectives on this issue?

With these questions in mind, the Center for Christian Bioethics has gathered an outstanding group of scholars who will speak to the religious perspective of physician-assisted suicide at the 2006 Jack W. Provonsha Lecture Series.

The 10-week Jack W. Provonsha Lecture Series will meet each Thursday evening with the final series held March 9, 2006. Loma Linda University students may attend the lectures for credit; health care

professionals may attend the lectures for continuing education purposes; and community members may attend the lectures purely out of interest in the topic, at no cost to  themselves.

By Dustin R. Jones, MA

TODAY news for Thursday, February 9, 2006