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TODAY news for Thursday, February 9, 2006

Loma Linda University news

Campaign leaders share their dreams and outline goals

Ray McAnally Lofgren and Carlton Lofgren, DDS
Ray McAnally Lofgren and Carlton Lofgren, DDS
Co-chairing the funding campaign for the Centennial Complex are two couples: Raye McAnally Lofgren and Carlton Lofgren, DDS, and Patti Shryock Wallace and Carleton Wallace, MD.

For the vision of this vital, much-needed new facility to become reality—for this important center to benefit students, faculty, alumni, and patients—will require abundant and generous philanthropic support.

Under the leadership of the co-chairs, alumni from various regions of the country have formed the Campaign Committee to raise the needed funds.

Noting that John Burden, who a century ago played a leading role in Loma Linda’s purchase and founding, was driven by a vivid dream of mission and service, the Campaign Committee co-chairs released a statement of their own aspirations for the new complex.

“We, too, are driven by a dream for Loma Linda. As 21st-c
Patti Shryock Wallace and Carleton Wallace, MD
Patti Shryock Wallace and Carleton Wallace, MD
entury technology merges into the glass-and-steel superstructure of the Centennial Complex, there are certain to be ‘ooh’s and ah’s.’ It will be a remarkable building.

“Still, it is our hope that the dream that inspires the most, and that influences decisions of support, is the prospect of preparing graduates of superb character and highly developed professional skills—graduates who will serve with grace and compassion, who will do a superb job of extending health, healing, wholeness, and hope, in all of their dimensions, around the world.”

In addition to the co-chairs, members of the Centennial Complex campaign include: Helen and Andrew Boskind, Madison, Tennessee; Geri and Elvin Gaines, Simi Valley, California; Jackie and Ted Hamilton, Winter Park, Florida; Mary Ann and Ladon Homer, Fort Worth, Texas; Judy and John Jacobson, Deer Park, California; Linda and Ted Mackett, Oregon City, Oregon; Noni Patchett, Los Angeles, California; Annie and Gene Rathbun, Dana Point, California; Janet and Naor Stoehr, Silver Spring, Maryland; and Delmar Tonge, Modesto, California.

According to Carolyn Fagal Cales, executive director for the campaign and major gifts, the Centennial Campaign aims to achieve four goals:

• to raise $40 million for construction of the Centennial Complex;

• to increase the base of support for Loma Linda University through alumni and community involvement and partnering;

• to increase understanding of the importance of Loma Linda University and the Centennial Complex; and

• to take Loma Linda University to the next level of excellence and performance.

Of the $40 million goal for the campaign, the total raised to date is $31 million. Regular updates on progress toward the financial goal will appear in this column in future issues.

TODAY news for Thursday, February 9, 2006